What the Heck is a Beauty Fridge (and Why You NEED One Right Now)

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Let’s talk about something totally frivolous but surprisingly useful: a beauty fridge. Also known as a cosmetics fridge, a kikay fridge, a car fridge, or a skincare fridge, a beauty fridge is exactly that: it’s a small fridge for your skincare products.

My dwindling passion for self-care was all fired up once again after trying out this really good Japanese toner, which I will review very soon. This led to me, going on a shopping spree, for more beauty products because, you know, why not.

As I was going through product after product, I realized that skincare products feel nicer when they cool the skin. This isn’t a unique idea at all, in fact, I know most beauty junkies store their skincare products in the fridge.

But I thought, I know some Asian beauty junkies use an actual mini fridge for their skincare products and perhaps, I should get one too. For, you know, research. What followed was a fervent, two-hour e-window shopping on Lazada looking for the most perfect skincare fridge and when I found ~THE ONE~, I shamelessly asked my husband to get it for me.

[Thank you to my dashing benefactor for giving me all the useless, most ridiculous things that I ask for]

Two days later, my beauty fridge came, behold:

I chose the white one because I’ve plans of filling the door with stickers. The stickers are taking too long to arrive but whatever. I ordered this from Lazada via Latest Gadget and honestly, this is the same model that some insta stores are selling but is much, much cheaper from this store. There are even cheaper ones but I chose this model because the side door has a tiny shelf for more beauty stuff. See?

Setting up this baby is easy because it’s essentially a plug and play device but it does have a cooling/heating option so you have to choose the right setting first.

Once plugged in, it works quietly, I couldn’t even hear it humming. This beauty fridge comes with a removable horizontal divider but I took it off because some of my skincare products are tall. Filled it with stuff and waited for the mini-fridge to do its magic (the orange bottle is the toner I was talking about!)

Don’t expect the mini-fridge to be freezing cold though. It won’t produce ice at all. On the manual, it says that this is more of a cooler than a mini-fridge and I agree, it will just leave your stuff cool to the touch. I love how it cools my toners, the application feels so nice and refreshing.

The body of the mini-fridge itself is made from hard, durable plastic.  It’s not gonna survive WWIII but I think it’s durable enough to withstand a few bumps. There is a handle at the top of the mini-fridge so you can tote this baby around like the badass that you are, lol It also comes with two types of electric cords, one for home use and another for car use.

The white mini-fridges are currently sold out but the pink ones are still available in case you’d like to score a beauty fridge [NOT A SPONSORED POST, just helping a sister out]. So ya, I suggest you get one. It’s not expensive at all. I know cooling your skincare products won’t extend the shelf life of the products but it does make application even more pleasant.

BTW, My website is in the midst of a migration process so not sure if everything’s showing right.

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  1. Wow, i’m thrilled to have someone using the same skincare product, labo labo lotion and clinique lotion!! A weird but perfect combo!

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