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In True Steak and Fashion, Jason Gets His First Hate-Mail


What to do on a fine Saturday morning… Oh I know! hold a protest buck-nekkid, it’ll be fun! What, hell no? Fine,  go ahead, sit on your prissy ass and read Phil’s editorial at Consumption instead… spoil my fun…

Jason feels right at home in true SnC fashion… he got his first hate-mail (… awww!) Scope that one out at Steak and!

And Anna gives you pointers on how to get rid of that eye-watering cum smell and improve the taste of your err… cum. Ayuh, check it out at Porn! Take it easy, now.

The Over-Zealous Inventor of KillaCycle At SickSte!


Now, I know how lazy you sick fucks are, even when it comes to porn so I’ll make this an easy one, mmmkay?

Dick found another awesome porn site! Free access, free pics, free vids, free everything! Excited yet? Then check out and sign up now!

If that’s not enough, then check out Revenge where Jason lets you in on an equally awesome, fap-worthy porn site!

On a totally different note, Shawn features the KillaCycle and the idiot inventor who, over-zelously showed the bike off, crashed it in front of his geeky minions, and was sent to a hospital. Damn. Check out Shawn’s Radio Blog only at SickSte!

Our Product For This Week, Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream!


Being a horny fuck sure takes it’s toll on your left-hand, yeah? That’s why for our Product of The Week, we’ve got Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream! Its non-greasy formula provides more than just wet slipperiness, it actually gets better the longer you use it!

As the cream heats up from repetitive stroking of masturbation, the product texture transforms at or around the 29th stroke to simulate the sensation of aroused human tissue, a guy might even forget he’s using his own hands!

And get this, you can avail Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream with 10% slashed off it’s original price! Just key in the Coupon Code: VJ11632 after you check out! This wonderful promo is valid only from Sept. 15 to 22, 2007!

O.J Simpson Extravaganza at SickSite!


Ladies and Gents, it’s The O.J extravaganza here on SickSite! That’s right folks, in celebration on the demise of O.J’s sanity, we are giving you tons of reason to laugh at this goof ball!

CJ’s comes up with a parody of O.J’s trial, SnC follows up with O.J,  explaining himself on his new-found hobby and FH wraps it all up with analyzing an infamous guy’s memorabilia! Y’all can check out these videos at The Daily Dose Vidcast! Of course, you can also subscribe on The Daily Dose vidcast to get the the freshest shit anytime, everytime!


But wait, it ain’t over yet!

On the latest SickSite Radio episode, Shawn brings you another batch of crazy hotline calls, SnC’s new ring leader, Jason drops in, Corey breaking his SickSite Rsdio cherry and more of O.J’s crazy antics! Enjoy the show everyone!

A Warm Welcome To The New Revenge Editorial Writer


Hey folks, a lot has been up on SickSite that I haven’t had the chance to properly welcome our new Revenge Editorial writer, Aaron!

Cheers, Aaron! Check out  the vengeful One’s literary masturbation at Revenge!

Now to cleanse the palate from all that O.J. you’ve been undoubtedly tuning in lately, check out Reggie’s latest smut recommendation at Consumption or find yourself a fuck-buddy at Porn!

Dick On Chris Crocker At


Hey sick fucks, Dave’s been circling the globe as CJ’s writer-at-large and pretty much got a lot of interesting story to tell. Check out the first of a three-part screwy tale at Consumption!

Remeber thegay dude who was tearfully defending Britney’s lackluster VMA performance, Chris Crocker? Yep, that’s him. Well, check out to scope out Dick’stake on Chris and his retarded vids.

O.J. Overdose on The Wipe


Hey folks, Dick sez “Here we go again…” as he gripes about O.J. and the crazy stunt he pulled recently! Check out our latest issue of Weekly Wipe!

Chicks with dicks is the main dish for our Review of The Week! The Porn Savvy Crew reviews Shemale Titan!

Meg’s 27 Reasons at Consumption


This lovely Saturday on the sickest side of cyber-space, we’ve got birthday grrrl Meg, giving you a list of 27 reasons why she should “hit the back of her throat with a shotgun.”  Enjoy her rant at Consumption

Foreign diplomat Mahmoud Ahmadinejad goes to America and many are wary. Good thing we’ve got Dick of knocking some sense into their thick skulls, eh? Scope it out at!

Aaron Got His First Hate-Mail at Revenge


Hey kids, I’m gonna save you from boredom cuz that’s how much I care, of course! First, Jason got an interesting e-mail from SSN Forum regular, Bluemanhatton, containing nothing but praises for England. Scope that one out only at Steak and!

Now for Revenge, Aaron got his first hate-mail! Oh… God… that just…brings tears in my eyes (sniff, sniff) My vengeful little boy is growing up so fast I… Wait, what am I saying?!

We’ve got Anna and her amusement over body-slammin’ skin-heads! Y’know, I once had a nightmare of a dancing skinemohead to the tune of My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade, wearing a tutu… … in the middle of a desert… it was so terrible I poured gasoline all over myself and lit a cig up (thus effectively setting myself on fire), to make it all go away! Okay, I made that one up but check out the dancing skin-head at Porn!

Lady Flesh Light is Our Product Of The Week!


Another week, another P.O.W! We’ve got Lady Flesh Light at a special discounted price! Soft, pliable, non-vibrating sleeve made from patented high-quality Real Feel Super Skin designed toreplicate the unmistakable sensations of penetrative vaginal sex! It’s 100% safe, velvety soft warm flesh all the way!

Lady Flesh Light is originally priced at $64.15, but if you take advantage of our promo and key in the Discount Code: EX64096, you get 10% slashed off it’s original price! This promo is valid only until September 30, 2007 so hurry and order one now!

A FH Fan’s Disturbingly Freakish Letter


The Adventures of CJ’s Travelling Minion is back to continue his tale of debauchery. This time, ourhero tries to escape the Soviets! Scope that one out only at Consumption!

That guy, Jason,  Always trying his damnedest to make this world a better place to live in. This time he gives readers a compelling read about Masturbation! So come on over at Steak and, read the damned article, and do what the man says, just do it. Do it for Jesus, Do it for the children, and above all, do it for America

And for once, Dick shares not a hate-mail but a freakmmail! I’m betting “Cod” was high on crack when he wrote that cuz I read the email at and it made my ears bleed. And my brain got caught on fire.

Hit The Porn Panic Button at Porn!


Well, aren’t you just glad we have Reggie, filling you in on the bestest Porn Sites in existence? It’s a tough job, I tell you. This week, Reggie makes it easier for the regular horny fucks, find the porn sites suited for their needs! That’s right folks, check it out at Consumption!

Aaron has the puuurrr-fect solution to spice up your otherwise bleak sex life! It’s fool-proof, lots of zexXxy lasses to hook-up with and more importantly, No more lonely night, crying yourself to sleep thinking you’re bound to die alone and miserable or worst, a virgin! That’s right, bitches! Come on over at Revenge right now!

Hey horny kids, tired of your nosy, prudish parents getting in the way of your wanking? Then hit the Porn Panic Button!  Anna shares a nifty little software that’ll have you fapping away in peace! Only at Porn

A Vid of Meg White’s Doorbell Getting Pounded at SickSite


To find the perfect cherry-pie pussy, a man must embarkon a long journey full of peril. And that’s exactly what Gen did, check it out at Consumption

Ca you spot a fake? We’ve got Meg White’s “alleged” sex video at Shawn’s Radio Blog! It’s the shit! Take a peek (I know you want to) and watch a man repeatedly ringing Meg’s “alleged” doorbell and figure it out for yourself whether or not the vid is real!  I think it’s real but don’t take my word for it, now run along pervs.

Why It Hurts To Be A Cheap Son Of A Bitch On The Latest Issue Of The Wipe!


It’s another edition of The Weekly Wipe! This time we’ve got Shawn as our featured editorial writer, telling us why the fuck does it hurts to be a cheap son of a bitch for the 73rd Issue of the Wipe!

Two words: Sperm Swallowers. Bet you like that, huh? Well, for our Review of The Weeks, we are featuring loads of hot cum-lovers! Check out the Baby-Batter Bonanza on the latest issue of The Weekly Wipe now!

The Modern Primitive Movement at Porn


Dear SickSite Network Minions,

Miss me? No? Guess what! I saw this article from Meg at Consumption and it was so good, it totally melted my brain! Ayuh boys and girls, it was awesome, I tell you!Check it out!

Then I headed straight to Porn, hoping for some sleaze and my eyes are assaulted by this:

Needless to say, the image burned my eyes straight out off its sockets. Thanks, ladies! Well, that’s about it, dearies! I’m off cleaning bloody puke, brain bits and burned optic nerves, Have a naughty weekend!

Natalie Portman Bares Her Skinny Ass at SickSite


Having a great weekend so far? Good, keep it up! As for what’s new at this wonderful, wonderful site, NOTHING! Wait! I jest, I jest!

Now, I know you can’t start the day without some sleaze, that’s why I suggest you either head straight at Porn, where all the wonderful smut are at, updated daily, waiting for you! That’s right, go now… or

Make beeline at Shawn’s Radio Blog and see a video clip of the lovely Natalie Portman, baring her skinny ass! Interesting is it not? Now run along and enjoy!

Juli Ashton Realistic Vagina and Anus As Our Product Of The Week!


Why fap away while fantazing about your fave whore, Juli Ashton whe you can avail her Realistic Puss and Anus replica! That’s right you sick perv, SickSite Shop makes it possible!

Now you can enjoystar Juli Ashton’s beautiful vagina and anus made of an ultra realistic material that expands to give every man a perfect fit.

This new compound is soft yet firm, and with such incredible attention paid to detail, this could definitely be one of the most realistic play pussies and anuses on the market! Key in the Discount Code ZO48380 and we will slash off 10% off it’s original price of $280.00! This promo is valid only until Oct. 7, 2007!

Revenge Of The Tubby-Lover at Steak and


Know what’s up? Part-three of Dave’s debaucherous tale is what’s up. Check it out at Consumption!

Jason gets a hate-mail from a SnC fan. Wanna know what’s gotten this guy’s panties up in a bunch? Then scope out Steak and!

Dick ranting on about his iPhone and it’s shortcomings. Could it be? Is love for Apple slowly fading away? Only one way to find out! Come on over at!

Wait, I’m not done blabbering! Weekly Wipe wants a piece of that fine ass of yours so: Add Us Up People!

Weekly Wipe MySpace Profile | ADD US UP TO DEATH!!!

Porn Time, Boys and Girls!


That’s right! Porn time, bitches!

Asian Dominatrix rocks your boat? Errr… Great! Cuz as always, Reggie found the perfect site just for you, you sick, sick…. person. So go and check out Consumption now!

If you find yourself totally overwhelmed with all the countless porn niches or is looking for a a nice porn site that offers high-quality smut, there’s a place to ask for help! We’ve got Dick raving about the porn masters behind Porn Reviews over at!

And Anna dishes out the bestest place to score free porn! Now before popping that champagne… or K-Y jelly, a little reminder: The idea is to register, knock yourself out and stock on all ze free porn your cute little wiener desires THEN cancel before the trial period ends so you won’t get charged. We can’t stress this enough so I’ll say it again: Cancel In Time Before The Trial Period Ends So You Won’t Get Charged. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Now go check out at Porn, fap yourself shitless or do whatever it is that you do.

Celebrity Pussies at Revenge


Meg gives you a true testament that she loves life and does not hate anything and everything in this world. Check out a few of Meg’s favorite things at Consumption!

MmmmMMmm… nice view, yeah? Jason dishes out why Adult Friends Finder rocks! Scope out Steak and, folks!

Aaron is featuring a guest writer from “Picky Bastard” Challenge! I must say, LincNav sure knows celebrity pussies! Check it out at Revenge!

Alcohol, Cancer, Death and Humongous Hooters At Weekly!


Hey bitches, it’s time for another dose of debauchery! The latest issue of The Weekly Wipe is out! That’s right, we’ve got suddenly sobered-up Phil talking about alcohol, cancer and death! Your favorite subjects, right? Check it out now!

Also,  it’s all about humongous hooters this time on our Review Of The Week! Lots of titty fucking and shit, I promise! So come on over and scope out The Wipe, out now!

Getting Your Brain Fried By A Taser is Not Cool


Ahh… yes. the weekend is once again upon us! Of course, with that in mind, I’m sure I could find some stuff to keep you entertained:

Oh here it is! It’s another great read from Consumption! Go on, check it out, I know you want to *wink*wink*

Dick gets the whole Brit-Brit and FedEx custody battle out of his system once and for all. Yep, that’s right! Scope it out only at!

It sure is not cool to get tasered as Aaron talks about Police Brutality among unarmed citizens. I gotta agree, those things are nasty as hell. Check that one out at Revenge!

SickSite Radio Is Back With A Vengeance


Hey folks! SickSite Radio Episode 47 is on! That’s right!Hilarious hotline calls from crazed SSR fans, Late show explanations and Shawn also shares the best clips from his inbox! chew on that, bitches!

Enjoy the show everyone!

Homelessness Solved


Not really a fan of senseless violence especially on harmless bums. If you’ve been living in a cave recently, check out the story here.

Anyhoot, CJ and the gang found this to be a perfect opportunity to inject humor, we’ve got a spoof of that unfortunate incident! Yep, check out the hilarious video HERE! Enjoy, kids!

Get Ready For Another SickSite Radio Episode!


Shawn cooked up another amazing show for y’all! You can expect hotline calls from SSR fans! Plus, Dick of talks about Parental Rights and Jason of to give the latest shit going on over at Steak and!

Quite a show ain’t it? Enjoy pervs!

An Early Whore-loween Treat At The Wipe


It’s an early Whore-loween treat at The Wipe y’all!  Inspired by Jason’s excellent post about “Manly” Halloween Customes, dear ol’ Anna dishes out the dumbest costumes she could find.

Check that one out only at the latest Issue of The Weekly Wipe! Enjoy!

It‘s Friday and Jason is Retarded. I know, right?


What’s the worst thing than getting a girl pregnant? Well you have to scope out Consumption Junction to find out, foo! Bet you didn’t see that one coming huh?

It’s Friday and Jason is a self-confessed retard. Check out his quirky love-hate relationship with peanuts at Steak and

Here’s an interesting read, it’s The Hand-Job Illustrated only at Porn! Yep, that’s right… ye good ol’ fondling. Scope it out, yeah? Have a great weekend everyone!

Rise and Fall Quits


It’s the weekend everyone! That means you can finally fap away in the comfort of your own home, haha! Well before you start fondling yourself, why don’t you check out Consumption where Gen gives anew meaning to Hog Calling.

That gnawing feeling of moving on would not go away and so, Rise and Fall quits (awww… ). Check out Rise and his final editorial for

Okay, now’s the time for some self-lovin’ don’t you think so? Nowhead straight to Porn to get knock yourself out with all the latest smut in our collection. Take it easy, folks.

SickSite Radio is On! Crazy Hotline Calls, Open Bar Talk, Some SSR Reminiscing and More!


Aaron talks about love, adoration, women, and… beer! Yes, life would be pointless without beer, I suppose. Scope it out at Revenge!

And it’s time for another wacky edition of SickSite Radio! Hotline calls, some SSR Reminscing, open bar talks and more! If that’s not enought to keep you enterntained this fine Sunday Morning, check out Shawn’s Blog, behold the booty err… beauty that is Sienna Miller and spend the rest of the day staring at her shaved puss. How fun, no? Enjoy, pervs!

Booty-calls, Lost Keys and a Fucked-Up Weekend at


Listen up, if you have trouble getting laid, can’t find that special someone to share mind-blowing sex with oryou try and you try over and over but. Just. Can’t. Get. Laid. Then Reggie has the answer to yer prayers! That’s right, so check out Consumption now!

Oh,Clover Chips, an old favorite! Jasonraided an Asian grocery store and stocked-up on noodles and junk food. Scope it out at Steak and!

Lost keys and booty calls don’t really mesh well according to Dick. So much that it fucked up his weekend. Check out the harrowing details at!

Searching for Sex Has Never Been This Easy


Another entertaining read brought to you by Dave! That’s right boys and girls, check out Bloodhound Nights only at Consumption (God, I just sound like a fucking infomercial, no?)

Somebody gots a new bow and is not afraid to use it! With an arrow peak velocity of 320 feet and 70lbs of force needed to string back this baby, Aaron is raring to go hunting… for Bambi. That’s right, check out Revenge, bitches!

Need to get laid? Well Anna sez there’s a magical place for that! Two words, Sex Parties. Man, I’m sooo there. Wait…  I mean, umm… forget I said anything. Just scope out Porn and… yeah, get laid.

SickSite Radio Celebrates It’s 50th Episode!


It’s SickSite Radio’s 50th episode, folks!To celebrate the whole shebang, Shawn sez it’s off to the time machine to take a good look back at SickSite Radio’s filthy roots!

So, check out the best of SSR’s episodes 1-5! Enjoy kids!

Weekly Wipe Issue 76: If Jason Is Johnny Depp’s Publicist


If being a World-class prick and the leader of the sick fuck army are not enough, Jason also bagged the job as Johnny Deep’s publicist. Okay, you got me,  he’s probably drunk when he did this article but at least he’s a fun drunk, yeah? Check out another hilarious issue of The Weekly Wipe!

Fuck You Paul! Yep, you heard me. Fuck. You. Paul. This week, the Porn Savvy gang brings you another awesome site to fap on, Fuck You Paul! Gotcha. All that and moreon the latest issue of The Weekly Wipe!


Hookers, Odd Fetishes and Electrocution at Consumption!


Prostitutes, sniffing dirty feet and electrocution fantasies. Looks like another crazy story from Meg at Consumption!

Nothing like a hugeass spider to strike fear in the hearts of the toughest of men. Scope out Steak and where Jason fucks around with people’s phobias!

Noble Peace Prize winner, James Watson made a claim black people are genetically dumber that white people. Well, I’ll be damned. Check out to read the rest of the details!

Darklady in the House, yo!


Hey babies, did y’all miss me? You did? Aww… how it warms my cold black heart. Anyway, gots me something to introduce!

Looks familiar? That’s right bitches, we’ve got Darklady in the house, yo! (did I just said “yo”? Hmm… mebbe I really am drunk) You see, ze Chief Sick Fuck gots you a new weekend writer, isn’t that grand? Let’s give Darklady, Editor of, a warm welcome!

Got word from Anna that Darklady will be writing editorials for Porn every Sunday, how exciting is that? So boys and girls, don’t forget to head straight at every Sunday to scope out Miz Darklady’s literary masterpieces, mmmkay? Take it easy, you guys!It’s Dick’s Birthday and Oh, Dumbledore is Gay


Dave made the rest of the Sick Fuck army proud for being an American Asshole. How heartwarming, Dave. Know that you earned a shitload of brownie points from the Chief Sick Fuck. Check out his drivel at Consumption!

Dick hits the big 3-0 and unfortunately, he’s not taking it well. Tsk, Tsk, getting old sure sucks… there, there… Happy Birthday, dear!

Dumbledore turns out to be gay. Wow, I didn’t see that one coming considering that I can smell a fag from a mile away. Check out Anna’s take on this little revelation at Porn

McKenzie Begs Your Forgiveness


After failing to appear for a special SSR interview, McKenzie is back! She makes pretty-eyes at Shawn, begs for your forgiveness and was considerate enough to send a saucy pic of herself for you to enjoy! Kiss and make up already!

Also, Shawn gives you some of the best hotline calls, like ever on the show! Now go, check out the latest episode of SickSite Radio while you fap away at McKenzie’s rack err… pic.

Free Porn For Idiots!


Kurt have a lot of things to say to about staunch anti-smoking campaign advocate, Derrick Beckles! Check out another enlightening read from Kurt at Consumption!

To avoid getting a swift kick in the nuts err… a ticket, Jason was kind enough to remind you certain annoying habits you shouldn’t be doing when out driving. Yep, that’s right, scope out Rules of the Road at Steak and

For the horny morons out there,here’s a no-brainer, Anna sez there’s hope for you yet! uh-huh, I kid you not, She found  an awesome site perfect for the sick fucks with below average IQs! Now don’t be stupid and head straigh at Porn!


Pussy Fascination On The Latest Issue Of The Wipe!


It’s all about pussies and MILFs on the latest issue of The Wipe! First off, we’ve  got Aaron of Revenge, talking about his own pussy fascination!

Then it’s off to the land of fuckable moms for our Review of The Week! Yep, another fap-worthy offering from the Porn Savvy crew, so check out our latest issue of The Wipe, out now!


The Best Place To Spend The Weekend


… Is right here! Hey bitches, the weekend has arrived, thank the good Lord for small fucking favors. Assuming that you had a y’know, a crappy week. Good thing I’m here to give you ze weekend news.

As always, Consumption Junction is hell-bent in making sure you are starting this lovely Saturday mornin’ right! So go ahead, check out another interesting read at CJ, like, right now.

Then make sure to head straight at Porn and follow these simple instructions: pick a porn flick you like best, fap away, wipe yourself, then do it all over again. I assure you, you’ll be smiling all day long. Tootles!


Hey kids, still hung-over? Y’know, I heard somewhere that if you read Shawn’s blog right now, the shitty feeling in the pit of your gut will disappear. Just. Like.That. Okay, you got me, I made that up. I meant to say, the videos. Watch the videos from Shawn’s blog and the quesiness will disappear. True story.

Wait, I’m not done yet! If you scope out Porn after checking out Shawn’s blog, your hairline will stop receeding. We have scientific proofs and shit to back up that claim too! Yeah, it’s amazing, I know! What can I say? We are a bunch of miracle workers here in SickSite Network, bitches.

Introducing Consumption’s New Head Sick Fuck, Jim


Man, I can’t believe Phil stepped down, he was one of my favorite writer. Oh well, out with the old and in with the new! Let’s welcome Consumption’s new Editor, Jim! Check out Jim’s first editorial for CJ like, now!

Speaking of out with the old, it seems that the lovable Aaron have left the sick, filthy, stinkin’ building and you know what that means *wink*wink*… no, stop touching yourself! Stop fapping, that’s not what I meant.

It means Jason is on the lookout for the next Revenge writer! Yeah, if you think you have what it takes to be a RW writer, shoot him an email at, impress him with a at least 300 words long literary masturbation, cross your fingers, pray to your god and you just might be the next ruler of the vengeful at!

Nuggets Of Wisdom From Dick At The Wipe


How about some nuggets of wisdom from Dick,  laying out a few rules to the brazen bloggers out there, yo! Yeah, let an expert give you some helpful blogging tips by scoping out the latest issue of The Wipe!

Naughty America, man. The Porn Savvy Crew have been hearing good things about Naughty Amrica that they felt compelled to feature this excellent site here in our Review Of The Week! So sit back and check out Weekly Wipe now!

All Treat, No Trick At SickSite!


Great, since I’m up, it’s Halloween and I’m still here working because apparently, I don’t have a life, treats on me!

What’s the best way to stave off boredom? That’s right… fapping away and/or getting laid. Lucky for you, Reggie is in one of his “Get Laid, quick!” mood again,so check out Consumption and you just might get what you wished for!

Horny morons, listen up! Dick found the perfect site just for you! Yep, so don’t be stupid (*snicker*snicker*), save yourself a hell lot of trouble and scope out, bitches!

Oh, and here’s a breather: Piss off London by signing Russell Brand’s petition to run as Mayor. Yeah, that sounds fun. Check out the details at Steak and! Happy Holidays, cock-suckers!

SickSite Radio Episode 52, Halloween Is For Hookers


It’s Halloween and Shawn is out celebrating the devil’s holiday with another wacky episode of Sick Site Radio! That’s right bitches!

In this episode, it appears that Dog, The Bounty Hunter’s career is well on it’s way to the shitter. Oh, how it brings tears to my eyes… not. Next, crazy hotline calls from the equally crazy fans of SSR!

So celebrate the Holidays with us and check out the latest SickSite Radio episode right now. Yes, because I said so.

From Nazi Fags to Racists


Man, Halloween came and went so fast I barely had time to sober up. But enough about me, let’s talk about Nazi Fags and music instead. You see, Nazi fags can’t seems to catch a break from their Jew-slaying past and Jim felt we should cut these fags some slack and he even wrote a song about dem Nazi queers to the tune of “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy” by The Ohio Express. So scope out Consumption Junction, bitches.

“University of Delaware is rightfully catching shit for forcefully mandating all white incoming students to be subjected to the idea that they’re racist, whether they know it or not”

Ain’t that just the damnedest thing, no? From Nazis to racists… Hmm… interesting.  Well, at least that’s something you don’t hear everyday. Check out the rest of Jason’s rants at Steak and!

Life’s Idiotic Little Instructions At Porn!


One day away from hell, it’s Sunday, y’all! Now why don’t you start the day by checking out SickSitenetwork’s weekend goodies:

Dick admits to have some sort of asshole-ish behavior but clearly not the biggest jerk on the face of the planet. Why, you asked? Then you’d have to scope out to find out. Yeah, you didn’t see that one coming, yes? It’s a talent, I know.

As most of you knows, Aaron dropped off the planet which means Jason is on the hunt for the next ruler of the vengeful. Check out some pretty awesome literary shit from the “Revenge World is Write” contest participants!

Anna of Porn dishes out Life’s Idiotic Little Instructions! Ayuh, an oldie but still a goodie only at Porn! Enjoy the rest of the day, bitches!

Puke, Piss, Fart and Shit Spells F-U-N for Meg


Meg must’ve had the grandest time, puking and peeing all over “Sally”. Oh yeah, puke, shit and piss, I can tell that girl really knows how to have a good time! Read one of her nut-shrinking editorial only at Consumption

Oh look, Hollywood writers are on strike…and now y’all are stuck watching re-runs. Hahaha! That’s the funniest bit of news I heard all day. These Hollywood writers makes the sadistic Yakuza tormentors look like a bunch of prissy pansy-pants. Check out Jason’s rants at Steak and

Say, you kidnapped a woman, then y’know, raped her cuz you got bored with all her yappin’ then you got caught after…  whacha gonna do? Confess? No, that’s lame. No, don’t blame God, blame the spider just like what this brilliant Aussiie did. It’s a sure fire way to avoid jailtime that’s for sure!

Putting Shit Into Good Use


Hey, horny fucks, want some porn? Of course you do, that’s what you’re here on Earth for, genius! So listen up, I was checking out Consumption and *gasp* Reggie was yappin’ about another porn site! I kid you not, my perverted friend. Now go and… y’know, check it out.

It’s Jenkem, bitch.

There’s a new drug in town folks and it’s made out of steaming pile of sh… what? Okaaay *laughs maniacally* Oh fuck, I think I busted a vein. Hey, you call it a drug, I call it recycling.

And finally, the search is still on for the next ruler of the vengeful. Jason gots another great entry from Mr. Unknown, scope it out and enjoy.

Wiggers and Tasers at Consumption


Hey folks, check out an interesting read about Wiggers and Tasers brought to you by CJ’s guest writer,Shift! Woot! Woot!

Okay, sexy time! Oh, look! Another sure fire way to get laid, how about that? I bet you wanna bang another dude’s girlfriend (or wife, whatever) cuz your GF turned into this prudish, tight-assed cunt, huh? Then scope out how you can score some ass at Steak and!

And a great treat for people with tiny weiners! Yes,I meant you… and the bald guy behind you. Oh puh-leeze, admit it. Shut up and listen, all is not lost! Check out Porn and see what the fuss is all about, foo!

Cease And Desist Letter Number 1,593 On The Wipe!


Hey folks, Shawn got a Cease and Desist Letter… again. Know more about it by scoping out the latest issue of The Wipe!

Hungry for some lesbo lovin’? Why am I not surprised? Enjoy checking out our latest Weekly Wipe issue as the Porn Savvy crew reviews Lezboland!

The Weekend News at SickSite Network!


Having a great weekend? Me too! I spent the night between drunkenly hitching a ride at a desolate place, in the dead of the night and popping my zits. Yes, I love livin’ on the edge. I always knew I’d be living like a freaking rockstar but enough about moi.Check out our weekend goodies!

CJ’s guest writer, Eric writes about Fear Factor Competitor, Anthony Merino. Ayuh, apparently the dude is an accused necrophiliac. Check out this mind-blowing read at Consumption, bitches!

Jason, who can’t get enough of boobies, takes a look back at his colorful past. Particulary about a girl he made-out with. Read the rest of the story at Steak and!

Studying sucks. Dick shares another one of his hellish tale as a student at!

SickSite Network’s Sunday Treats


Hey dorks, I’m back, miss me already? Awww…how it warms my little black heart… ok,enough of the pleasantries, I just threw up. Check out dem Sunday treats, bitches!

Jason, still hell-bent on searching for the next RW Editorial writer, gots you another awesome entry from Ron Jersey! How exciting, right? Go on, check it out… I know you want to.

Anna shares a “gratuitously violent, sexual, filled with provocative overcoming gender assignments-toned, and outrageously campy-dialogue’d” (whew!) cult film she watched recently. Well,I must say, it is a “gratuitously violent, sexual, filled with provocative overcoming gender assignments-toned, and outrageously campy-dialogue’d” film indeed!

And if that’s not enough, scope out another of Shawn’s misadventures at SickSite! Enjoy!

Halloween At SSN!


Tired of wallowing in self-pity cuz girls hates your lameass pick-up lines? Fed up on spending another night curled up in bed, alone, crying while you fap away to another Drawn Together re-run?

Guess what, Reggie found “a cool place to get laid”! You know what that means! That’s right, no more lonely nights spent dry-humping that pillow, you disgusting pig! Check it out at Consumption!

… or if you’re too much of a lazyass, you could just watch some good porn and call it a day, right? Okaaay then, better check out Steak and, lazy fucks.

And finally, to cleanse the palate from all that sleaze, Dick presents: Halloween at SSN. Oh what fun. Scope it out, yo!

SickSite Radio Episode 53 “Frozen To Meth”


Shawn promises another awesome SickSite Radio episode, bitches! That’s right, listen to the best Sick Site Radio Hotline Calls to date! Also, Shawn features great frozen delights (a couple of meth heads was stuck in a blizzard and y’know, froze to death ), and transvestite booty pagents!

Better sit back, relax, check out the latest SickSite Radio Episode and enjoy (or else Shawn will “hunt you down and kill you”)!

Bums In Action at Consumption!


Lorin comes clean with his hobosexuality. Basically it means he likes ’em dirrty… and homeless. Well… that’s uh… check out his confession at Consumption

Want porn, real easy? Don’t be a dummy by passing up on this chance! Check out Revenge for more details!

Or you could always buy a nice bottle of Pherlure, spritz yourself shitless and the bitches are absolutely guaranteed to pour in! It’s all about chemistry, y’all! Scope out how at Porn!

15 Worst Dates


Ahhh…. yezzzz… when the dreamboat turns out to be just your average cuntrag. Real gals sharing their harrowing dating experiences  right here on the latest issue of the Weekly Wipe!

It’s all about luscious booties for our Review of The Week! That’s right, plenty of babes with perky asses to drool over! What fun, right? Check it out only here at Weekly Wipe, folks!

Weekend at SickSite Network


The weekend is finally upon us and with said, here’s what’s been going down on SickSiteNetwork:

Stave off boredom by checking out another interesting read only at Consumption!

Hhmm… been wondering what your ol’ buddy Jason, is up to? Wonder no more my incredibly creepy, horny… filthy, filthy friend, scope out Steak and, like, now.

And if you’re free all afternoon, fap the day away with our freshest collection of smut only at Porn! Enjoy the weekend, kids!

The SickSite Network Sunday Tidbits


What, still asleep? Consider this as your wake-up call:

Sick, sick, siiick… trust Anna to sniff out weird shit like this, check out the rest of the details and mind-bending pics over at Porn!

Shawn got pics of half-nekkid, passed-out drunks. Oh, how it reminds me of my youth… being drunk… and naked… and… wait, I mean, oh, joy! Nekkid booties! Check out dem hilarious pics at SickSite!

Hatin’ On The Muslims at Consumption


Hey dorks! Hate The Muslims? Well the good news is, they probably hate you too! That and Jim is spreading his hate for the muslims too, how about that? Read all about it Consumption, bitches!

Jason has gone down on a girl while she’s having her period. Oh… yuck, that’s pretty gross of you, Jason, eeewww. Check out the sick, sick, siiick story at Steak and

Rapists will never stand a chance against Rapex, a revolutionary anti-rape contraption! You can kiss your penis good-bye when “thorns” from this  baby, rips your genitals into pieces *maniacal laughter* Another interesting read at Porn!

FreakHole Wants YOU (on it’s Official MySpace Friends List)


It’s all about Meg sustaining injuries at work. Yeah, sounds fun. Check it out at Consumption!

Dick sez MySpace is gay but that’s not stopping him from plugging the Official FreakHole MySpace Page. Uh-huh, so Click Here And Add FH (preferably on yout top) Friends’ list! Oh don’t give me that, go on! I know you want to.

Jason is up to his old tricks, anotherone of his funny asian pictures graced the Revenge page. Check it out y’all!

Turkey Time at SickSite Radio


It’s turkey time, bitches! this week on SickSite Radio, it’s all about Thanksgiving, Indians and crazy old fucks with shotguns!

That, plus some good ol’ hotline calls from deranged SSR fans and Dick drops in to talk about being a student at the tender age of 3-0! Check out another kickass episode of of SickSite Radio!

Oh and if that’s not enough, visit Shawn’s blog and spend the rest of the day staring at Christina Aguilera’s hairless snatch!

Jason’s Musings At The DMV’s


Hey folks, check outanother wacky issue of the Weekly Wipe! We’ve got Jason’s musings from his trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles!

Yeah, I know how you guys luurrve lezbos! That’s why this week’s issue of The Wipe, check out as the Porn Savvy crew reviews the babes from Catfight

Good Ol’ SickSite Network Weekend News


Ah yes… blessed weekend! Check out some good ol’ SickSite Network Weekend bits:

Steve dishes out his hilarious encounter with a diva offa bemustached girl in  a comic- bookshop. Check out the wacky story at Consumption!

Check out Rachel, the first woman to audition as an Editorial writer for RW! That’s right folks, scope out her entry at Revenge!

Dick found another great way to stave off boredom! Lots of lovely ladies you can fap yourself sore with and it doesn’t even involve that lameass pick-up line you keep trying to use for hook-ups! It’s sexy time bitches, check out, pervs!

How To Suck A Cock Like A Pro


Nothing like a lazy Sunday spent splooging all over your keyboard over pics like this:

I know, right? See, I can read minds y’know. For more fap-worthy pics and vids, check out Porn!

And for the ladies, Aunt Anna give you free blowjob lessons! Scope out her head-bobbin’ tips at Porn, y’all!

Inside A Fetish Dungeon


Meg dishes out bizarre scenes from a fetish dungeon where she uh… apparently works. Well, somebody has to pay the bills y’know. Anyways, check it out at Consumption!

Jason’s battle of the bulge is still on. He needs all the help he can get so shoot him an email for your suggestions, mmkay?

90’s wrestler “Hardbody Harrison” got busted for keeping not one, not two, but 8 women as sex slaves. Dude, that’s not the the weird part. He was also forcing them to do his landscaping. WTF.

SnC is Rockin’ A New YouTube Page!


What? You want to fuck your daddy? You sick little fuckwit… Oh, you meant fuck buddy? Why didn’t you say so, Reggie’s your man! Check out Consumption, horny fucks!

Hey kids, I almost forgot, SnC is rocking a new YouTube page! Check it out HERE and enjoy!

RW presents: T. Menz and his “tale of machismo at the DMV” Yep, another great entry featured on Revenge, scope it out!

Snatch-flashing (or in the case of XTina, airing out her impregnated crotch) and Tranny invasion in Hollywood brought to you by Anna of Porn!

Porn And Politics On The Wipe!


Hey boys and girls, the 84th (!) issue of The Weekly Wipe is out! on this issue, we are featuring Dick of! It’s quite an interesting read but don’t take my word for it and scope it out now!

… and I’m not done yet, bitches! We are also featuring Hell Fire Sex for our Review Of The Week! I know, I know… check it out and you can thank me later!

SickSite Radio Will Make You Famous


Sicksite Radio episode 55 is on, bitches! Now, this episode sounds especially juicy, it’s all about hotline calls, dirty stories and a healthy dose if insanity.

So sit back, relax, check out Sicksite Radio’s latest episode and enjoy! Yes, in that order, now go!

R.I.P. Emily ‘Zoey Zane’ Sander


‘Sup, bitches. Got a plumber working on the pad right now so this is gonna be quick and easy just the way you like it.

Shiftshows his awesome ability to foretell what’s instore for y’all in  the year 2057. Hint: Ze future is bleak for all sick fucks. Sorry, guys. Ayuh, check it out at Consumption

It’s a sad day for porn with the sudden demise of Emily ‘Zoey Zane’ Sander. R.I.P., hun. Scope out as Dick pays a short but sweet homage to Zoey Zane.

And finally, what better way to celebrate this wonderful day than to check out the freshest batch o’ smut at Porn! Go, like, right now.

Why Do Lesbians Like Dildos?


Jason is bound to announce who’s gonna take over Revenge  next week, but he needs RW fans to give him a hand. Scope out Revenge for the details!

Okay, Anna asks the million dollar question: Why do lesbos like dildos? Oh, so many wisecracks I wanna make but I must fight the temptation, hahaha! Anyways, check out as The Porn Savvy team (which is as most of you don’t know, composed of a straight woman (lemon_ai), a gay guy (Cum_Connoisseur/ “Cum2Papi”), a lesbian (our video editor RonaMonaFofona), and a bisexual female (arse_scenic) discusses this puzzling Lezbo uh… craving? Habit? I don’t know what to call it. Ought to be interesting, no? MmmMm… gourmet tofu…

A Little Rendevouz To Heat Things Up!


Take a break from fucking with your significant other for a while and heat things up by playing games!

Romantic Rendezvous is unique as it embodies two different games that are each extraordinary and intriguing. They may be played separately or together!

The Board Game offers over 120 activities to share together or try the Card Game a self-expression and communication activity!  Combining the two games adds an exciting dimension and creates the Romantic Rendezvous Experience.

Romantic Rendezvous happens to be our P.O.W., so we’ll slash 10% off it’s original price of $29.95 if you key-in Discount Code: SQ65684! This promo is valid only until December 7, 2007!

Hate-filled Kids At Steak and


Hey boys and girls! Guess what, Jim’s gonna be a dad, how cool is that? Check out the happy news and then some at Consumption

Racist 5 year-old kids are what’s up at Steak and Scope out the story, sad and truly one of those things we can all do without.

Another one of Dick’s misadventure all because of his friend’s failure to open a particular letter in time. Check out the whole story at!

Time For CJ’s Annual Multiphasic Personality Inventory of Its Readership!


Well it seems it’s time for CJ’s “Annual Multiphasic Personality Inventory of Its Readership”. Ayuh, stop asking questions, check out Consumption and just do the damned test, you dork. So it for the children. Do it for Jesus. Above all, do it for CJ!!! Banzai!

Whachu say? You want some porn? Well, that can be arranged!

Mama Mia!

I know most of you pervs get a kick out of watching chicks gagging on a hugeass cock, no? Well, check out Revenge cuz Jason foundanother excellent site that’s sure to tickle your uh.. horny… bone-r. I know, I suck. Bleah.

Sure, some of you guys might be contented with having *coughboringcough* sex with your respective partners… if you begged hard enough. What if I tell you there’s a magical place where you can can conviniently sneak behind that prudish girl of yours and score some fine ass! Scope out Porn to find out where, horny fucks!

Porn and Politics


Reggie expresses his ardent love for porn and draining his nut sacks dry. Well, look at that. Y’all have the same hobbies, now why am I not surpirsed? Trust Reggie’s extensive knowledge in Porn as he dishes out which site received the coveted Reggie’s Seal Of Approval only at Consumption!

Meanwhile, Dick’s uh… dick is sore. Ayuh, apparently everyone are out fapping away. Muy bien, keep it up and make sure to check out *wink*wink*

So maybe SSN is not all about porn and the likes. Oh don’t give me that look! Jason, defends the Bush Administration. Wow, ’tis an interesting read, indeed! Only at Steak and, bitches!

Joe Francis Needs Your Help


Yes, that Joe Francis. Ironically, the guy who makes a living out of screwing people over, needs your help. Shawn’s two cents on the Girls Gone Wild creator’s interview, plea for help and more, it’s definitely worth checking out on latest issue of The Weekly Wipe!

Also, check out as the Porn Savvy crew brings you our Review Of The Week, Brain Pass! Another awesome issue of The Wipe, geddit while it’s hot!

A SickSite Radio Exclusive: The Joe Francis Interview


Stop the presses! SickSite Radio scored an exclusive interview with Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis. Yes kids, Trust Shawn to bring in the big guns as he interviews Joe from Reno Nevada, where he’s been uhh… staying for 8 months!

Cool, I’ll shut up now, meanwhile check out SickSite Radio’s latest episode, mmmkay?

Genitalia-Shaped Goodies at Porn


‘Sup, bitches? Well I already mentioned one news entry ago that Shawn scored an exlusive interview with Joe Francis, yes? Cool, won’t hurt to say it again: It’s one hot schiz you should not miss, Goddammit! Check it out here!

Mmmmm… *drool* genitalia-shaped goodies…. yummeh! Anna dishes out the sweeter side of being Pansexual! MmmMm… that dickshredder looks mighty tasty!

And since I know how y’all love porn, you might want to make a pit stop at Porn and scope out the freshest smut from our archives! Have a great weekend, folks!

Black Label Esse is SickSite Shop’s P.O.W.!


Hey sick fucks, does R&R or S&M floats your boat? Good cuz Black Label Esse is SickSite Shop’s P.O.W!

Submision begins with Ease. Whether you seek R&R or S&M, you’ll say yes to the Black Label Ease. Equipped wth wrist, thigh and ankle cuffs, plus 28 places to lock them down, this naughty nympho love lounge is the ultimate in orgasm.

Include the Mini-Scoop in the action and positioning possibilities are utterly endless. Take advantage of our promo by typing the Discount Code: QM35532, right after you check out and we’ll slash 10% off it’s original value of $529.65! Offer ends on December 14, 2007

Carnal Cravings, Rules and Evil Dorks at SSN


Mmmm… if free porn is all you want for Christmas then fret no more, you cheap, horny bastard! Scope out Consumption Junction as Reggie dishes out another site worthy enough to satify his uh… carnal cravings.

Rules for the bar… yes folks, there are such things.  As a former bartender, Jason was kind enough to impart nuggets of wisdom that would probably be useful the next time you’re out drowning your sorrow at the local pub.

And finally, Dick talks about dorks.. evil dorks. Evil dorks who does nothing but play online games all fucking day then beats thier kids shitless. Y’know… usual stuff., everyone!

Dressed-Up Emo Weiners at Porn!


Hello sick fucks, ‘sup? Meg tries to find meaning behind the word “Whore”. Ya like that, huh? Bet you do, only at Consumption

Come on over at Revenge and check out another entry from a guy named Tony. Trust me, he’s one odd fellow, to say the least.

Goddamned emos. I could only imagine the blinding pain that came with that dressed-up emo weirner.

Snacking on Aborigines


From elbow pussy to chafting, it’s the dick’s turn to do the talking. Hahaha! Cute. Scope it out at Consumption

What creature played a large part on Population Control in Australia? You’re guess is as good as mine. Find out at Steak and

And if busty blondes gagging on a hugeass cock floats yer boat, then you are in for a treat. Come on over at and fap away, boys!

Poor Little Rich Boy at The Wipe!


Hey guys and gals, check out this week’s issue of The Wipe! Porn Savvy’s very own Smut Connoiseur talks about the shady  and totally phony people behind the totally phony site, Uh-huh. It’s a fucking scam, I just know it.

And for our Review of the Week, we’re featuring Extreme Alex! That’s right bitches, nothing cute about Alex, she’ll do anything just to drain your nutsacks dry. So check out our latest… what you say? You havent signed up for WW’s FREE Subscription? Know what? You are a fool and I hate you like I hate veggies.

Do me a favor, stop sulking and sign up for it, will ya? Seriously,  It’s free, it’s easy and it’s… uh… free? Fine I take it back, I don’t hate you. I hate your mom… oops.

Eat More Bacon and Save America


Hey kids, still nursing a hang-over? Good, here’s a quick remedy, Check out Consumption Quick, easy and it works everytime *drool*

Jason writes a short but sweet editorial about tough choices he has to make for the SnC fans. Yeah, it’s inneresting so check out  Steak and

Dick is done with school and is rarin’ to get shit-faced! That’s right, kids. Scope out!

Fap Worthy Porn Sites, Found!


Having a great day so far? Excellent. Know what goes well with another lazy Sunday morning? Porn, man. Fucking porn. Now here’s something to brighten up your day even more,the good people behind were kind enough to give you guys free shit to fap on. So bring in the lube and click any of the pics below!

Pounded in every hole

Big Money Got A Big Dick

How Many Dicks Can One Girl Stand?

Slack Jack Gets Busted

But wait there’s more! We’ve also found great sites for you guys to check out! Uh-huh, I kid you not, my pervy friend! If you like teens who luurves16 inches of cock being shoved up their tight holes then Teens Like It Big is right up your alley! If you like em’ horny and teary-eyed from too much dick up their throat then Gag On My Cock is one site you shouldn’t miss! And finally if pretty barely legal chicks getting naughty on cam rocks yer boat then search no more cuz is perfect for you! Now go and do your thing, mmkay?

Masons Fuck Harder


Jim sez never mess with Masons. Ayuh, cuz they’re gonna go all batshit crazy on your ass. So be warned now, scope out Consumption

And before you drag your over-zealous ass to the nearest bar, scope out Bar Etiquette, Part 2 only at Steak and

And finally, Dick tells us all about his shitty weekend and how much he hates Cleveland, read all about it at

Laid-back stories and Phonecalls SickSite!


Dear Sick Fucks,

We celebrate an amazing year at SSR with a laid back show full of stories and phone calls. Thanks bitches.



Awww… that’s so sweet of him, no? Okay now, you heard what he said, mush… mush!

The New Ruler Of The Vengeful, Kaizer!


The search is finally ovah! That’s right people, The new Ruler of the Vengeful is none other than Kaizer! Woot! Woot! Congratulations! Now, show some love and scope out Kaizer’s editorial debut at Revenge!

You guys may remember the Hanson, y’know… those freakishly androgynous trio best remembered by the irritatingly catchy one-hit wonder, “Mmmbop”? Well they’re upping up the A by giving away shoes to African kiddies. Read all about it at Porn

Doggy-Style: A Terrible Misnomer?


Cool, Jason as our featured editorial writer for this week’s issue of The Weekly Wipe, broods over the “canine-influenced moniker”, doggy-style. Yeah, something to rack yer brains with over the Holidays, eh? Read all about it at Weekly!

Okay now time to get down and dirty as the Porn Savvy crew checks out 5 Guy Cream Pie! One slut, 5 guys, it doesn’t get better than that! Only at Weekly, people!

The Break-Up, Jager Bombs and Old Lady Dropping Dead


‘Tis the season to be jolly and all that schiz but it looks like Meg won’t be singing any cheerful Christmas song anytime soon cuz she and the boyf broke up . Awww… *emo tears*  Only at Consumption Junction, kids!

Jason felt that he should share a video of a retardingly dorky guy, guzzling down Jager bombs to you guys. Uh-huh, the guy in the video seriously… uh… I don’t even know what to say. Check out the vid at Steak and

And a nice ol’ lady died while undergoing a root canal. It’s baffling, I tell you. She just sat there one minute then poof! she’s dead as a door nail. Dick’s two cents on the Dentists Chair of Doom at

Latest Hollywood Trend: Getting Preggers


I swear to God, everyone in Hollywood (fine, those with vaginas anyways) are ending up getting knocked-up. I see a pattern here… I blame Nicole Ritchie, that bitch is quite the trendsetter. Scope out Porn as Anna pokes fun at one preggers actress to the next.

For your daily dose of smut, visit Porn and knock yourself shitless with our vast collection of porn!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, sick fucks!

It’s Christmas, Bitch!


Hey Sick Fucks! Merry Christmas!!! The first person to check out Consumption’s Editorial, gets a cookie… okay,  half a cookie, I took a bite… a big bite.  Boy, am I drunk or what?

Also check out Steak and, where Jason raises another interesting point for you guys to ponder upon. Meanwhile, I’ll be downing one bottle of red wine after another, Happy Holidays, y’all! Kisses!

Warming up For The New Year


Crap. Head hurts. Must… not fall… asleep. Okay, I’m nursing a hang-over so listen carefully:

Show Dick some love by checking out, okay? The guy’s probably got another wacky (or shitty) misadventure during the holidays.

Kaizer Lord Of The Vengeful, fresh from his Christmas vacay, is back! yep, better believe it! Only at Revenge!

Time For Some Sleaze


‘Sup Dingbats? Have y’all recovered from the holidays yet? Yes, it’s time for some smut, don’t you think? I know, I can read you mind, pervs!

Y’know, Porn is known to satisty any carnal cravings you might be having. Yeah, we’ve got scientific proofs and shit to prove it too! So check out the freshest, zexXxiest vids and pics only at Porn!

Got sleaze? No? Thank God for our very own Smut Connoisseur then. Scope out Porn for a hefty dose of sleaze! Take it easy, sick fucks!

Santa’s Dark Side On The Wipe!


He comes to your house, in the dead of the night, He knows if you’ve been good or bad, He even knows whether you’re awake or snoozing, what a creepy little bugge, no? For this week’s issue of The Wipe, a very enlightening editorial from Kaizer, the new head honcho of Revenge!

And for this week’s Review of The Week, The Porn Savvy crew brings you, Mad Sex Party. If that didn’t raise the slightest reaction from any of you sick fucks, then I have every right to chop off your dick cuz you don’t deserve one, mmmkay?

The Weekend News


Greetings, Sick fucks, how’s your weekend? Cool, now enough niceties and let’s get down to business. No, put your pants back on! I meant to say visit Consumption and check out another interesting read, dumbass! Wait, is that a rash? Have that checked, will ya?

And speaking of interesting read, one might wonder what Jason’s been up to. Well, wonder no more and check out Steak and, duh. Sometimes I worry about you, man.

Okay, Time for Some Smut, Bitches.


Hey pervs, miss me? Cool, now I can’t help but notice how most of you looks kinda pale and sickly. Didn’t get your smut prescription, huh? Well, worry not cuz I’m here! You may now stop kissing my feet.

We’ve got the freshest collection of smut over at Porn, bitches. And guess what? They’re free and shit! So what are you waiting for?

And if finding the perfect porn site that cater to your specific needs is your sole reason for living then Porn is the site for you! Check out which sites passed the discriminating tastes of our own team of Smut Connoisseur at Porn!

New Year at SSN


Hey sick fucks, I trust that everyone had a rockin’ new year? Cool! Now if you’re reading this shitty piece of news then I guess you started the year right by checking out good ol’ Sicksite!

Start by working your way into Consumption’s New Year offering then followed by checking out Jason’s latest musings at Steak and and finally, pay your ol’ buddy Dick a visit at!

Have a great 2008, everyone! Cheers!

Celebrate New Year With A Bang!


Okay, time for some good ol’ porn! Revenge is best served cold and what better way to get back at your cheating ex than to have his/her pimply ass exposed all over the internet? Yeah, that should give ’em something to talk about!

For the real porn addict, there’s only one pass you need for all your carnal cravings! Let Kaizer show you the way at Revenge!

And finally, if you’re craving something a little more exotic, then better check out Porn for some Indian Porn!

Those Annoying Butt Pirates


Eric have had enough of those annoying queers with their mullets, ass-sculpting shorty-shorts and the brazen way of expressing their sexuality. And my God, he’s right! Check it out at Consumption!

Smut time, sickfucks! Let Jason tell you just why Brazzer is the world’s best porn site today at Steak and!

And Dick sez a big thank you to all the people who emailed and/or showed their support with regards to his sick mom at


Hey bitches, the latest issue of the Wipe is out! This time, Dick of, wrote a very inteh-resting article about the Brits and no, it’s not about their charming accent, it’s about their ugleh mug! It’s totally may-jah, check that out at Weekly!

And what’s Weekly Wipe without porn? This week, we are featuring Orgy Max! Oh you know what they say, the more, the merrier, so let the good times roll!

SickSite Radio Episode 58: Live From Tampa


Hey kids, SickSite Radio’s New Year offering just hit the airwaves! And guess what! You should check it out, that’s what!

For SSR’s first episode for the year 2008, it’s all about hotline calls (always a favorite *drool*) shit stories and weiner-biting challenges! So whacha waitin for? Check it out, foo!

Weekend at SickSite


Oh, the weekends… how I love it. Now, I know y’all are just sitting on your fatass doing nothing all day. Yes, I can see you. Since you’ve got absolutely nothing better to do, check out SSN’s weekend goodies:

Porn I don’t need to tell you why, do I? Fine, Want porn, go to Porn, all the porn you can handle arejust a mouse click away!

Porn More porn, plus resident Porn Connoisseur Anna, tells you all about outsourced labor for making babies. Intrigued? Of course you are! Check it out! Now off ya go, buh-bye!

Revenge’s Ass Parade


Greetings, Sick Fucks!  I’m in the mood for something a little different and since I know you sick fucks loves hot asses, here’s an ass parade just for you!

From Freakishly gay asses

Creepy and stalker-ish

Down to the girl of your dreams! (i.e. Loves anal sex)

Thank God for Revenge!

iPods are Evil


Aahh, yes…the iPod. I remember the time I bought myself of these little buggers and look at me now, I can steal songs online faster than a speeding bullet. So why am I sharing this story to you? Cuz Blag (CJ’s guest writer) sez iPods are gay, and I agree. Gay + iPod= SATAN. True story.

If you want your porn, straight up then check out Steak and and find out just why Simple Free Porn is winning the hearts of every horny louts all over the world!

And for the rest of you folks whocan’t get enough of horny sluts, flashing their naughty bits on cam, then you’re in luck! Anna will walk you through the wonderful, wonderful world of Naughty!

Reggie Goes Racial at Consumption


Hold on to your manties (man panties, dimwit) cuz good ol’ porn comin’ is yer way! First stop, Consumption where Reggie checks out another site you’ll sure to lurrrve!

But know what’s better than sitting on your fatass and fapping around all day? One word: Fling. That’s right, bitches! Check out, like, right now!

Kaizer may have started the year wrong. If you scope out Revenge you’ll know all about his knee injury and how much it hurts like hell… hhmmm kinda reminds me of someone I used to know, no?

Cheapass Car from India


Any one of you guys heard about the Tata Nano? It’s a cheapass car available in New Delhi, wanna know how I knew about this little info? Why, because I read the latest issue of The Wipe, of course! And now, just like Shawn, I’ll go straight to India and buy ’em Nanos by the dozen, hee-haw!

Also, how would you like some tamed teens? Tamed cuz these young tarts got cocks stuffed way up their tight little holes! All these and more on the latest issue of Weekly Wipe!

The Weekend News At SickSite Network


It’s the weekend news, fuckers! Now go fetch yourself a beer and let’s get this show on the road!

Oh-kaaaay… so Randall of Consumption, hates obese black women. Now why am I not surprised? Check that out at Consumption

Then, at Steak and, truth is stranger than fiction and as much as Jason thinks that most conspiracy theorists are just people with hyper-active imagination, a handful of ’em might not be as crazy as we all think! Yep, scope that out at Steak and!

And to wrap up another awesome weekend, show Dick some loveand visit, who dontcha? Take care, y’all!

Guess who just got un-hitched? Uh-huh.


In hopes to give “long-term health” to the superhero known as Spidey (meaning: plot got boring eversince Petey got married and schiz.), the retards behind Marvel’s Spiderman series decided to mess up with the classics by giving MJ the boot thus effectively damning the stupid comic book to the seventh circle of hell. Gasp!  Goddamnit! Insolent fools!!! I’m gonna burn my bra in protest, who’s with me?

But first, fap away like there’s no tommorow cuz Porn got loads of porn waiting for you and your filthy cum-encrusted fingers.

Vaginas and Fan Mails


I know how most of you loves vaginas so first check out one moldy pussy at Consumption then head to Shawn’s vlog and get up close and personal with a real cunt. Enjoy!

Wait, I’m not done yet! Fan Mail time! Jason gets a tip from a fellow drunk at Steak and Cheese.comwhile Dick shares another hate mail at!

Where to find S-E-X?


First off, Hinty tells us all about his days of travelling with oversexed NBA players at Consumption!

Fancy a Fling? Good, who doesn’t? The good news is, it’s as easy as pie to score one! All you hafta do is to check out Revenge and read all about where to find that special someone! The bad news is, damn too many of ’em horny sluts, you could hardly keep track!

And somebody’s feeling a little bit under the weather today. I’ll give you a couple of hints. She makes editorials for Porn Savvy and her name rhymes with uh… Banana. Yeah, that’s her.

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