Review: Vanitibasics 8 ¾ Double-sided Lighted Vanity Mirror

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I know it’s weird that I’m reviewing a vanity mirror but here me out, you need this shit. I have found the perfect vanity mirror since the vain Queen’s mirror on the wall in Snow White. I’m talking about Vanitibasic Double-Sided Lighted Vanity Mirror. Let’s get this party started with the specs:


  • Clarity™ Mirror with white incandescent light
  • 5x magnification
  • 8¾” mirror diameter
  • Glare-free and shadow-free viewing
  • Distortion-free fog-less mirror
  • On/Off switch on mirror base
  • Bright chrome finish
  • Transparent cord/wire
  • Stable non-slip base
  • Dimensions: 10 3/4″ x 6 1/4″ x 10 1/2s


Oh, behave! I came across Vanitibasics mirrors when I happen to pass by Rustan’s one day (by pass by, I meant making a beeline to the beauty counters and swatching beautiful things until the cows came home).

I’ve always wanted a lighted vanity mirror but the ones I know are quite pricey, amounting to 7K and up. The Vanitibasic Double-Sided Lighted Vanity Mirror is pricey but to be honest, I think the price is justified and it’s nowhere near 7k.

20140703-175404-64444608.jpg 20140703-175402-64442536.jpg

It’s too expensive for a mirror, I’ll give you that. However, the satin chrome finish is so bee-you–teefellll. When you feel it, you’ll know. The Vanitibasic Double-Sided Lighted Vanity Mirror feels so solid. It’s a good sized mirror with two sides, a regular mirror and the other, a magnified mirror.

The magnified side is perfect for working on the finer details of your makeup and when you turn on the light, you can see everything. Like, even the most unflattering parts of your face you’d rather not see (hello forehead freckles)

20140703-175403-64443664.jpg 20140703-175405-64445605.jpg

The bottom of the mirror stand features a soft, rubbery cover that enhances stability. It does stay put! The soft touch button gives a reassuring “click” when pushed. The overall construction of the mirror is pretty impressive, everything about it just feel sturdy, sleek, luxurious.

The magnifier definitely made this mirror a great addition to my vanity. The design is really versatile too. It features both classic and contemporary aesthetics so I’m pretty sure it’ll look great on any one’s vanity too, hahaha!

20140703-175401-64441465.jpg 20140703-175408-64448719.jpg

To me, the size is great but for those with smaller vanities, this might be a bit bulky, I’d suggest getting the smaller one 🙂 Yes, there is a smaller version of this model but it does not offer a magnified side, just a regular lighted mirror.

My only concern is the availability of the bulb inside the mirror. I hope it won’t give out soon and if it does, I wish I could easily find a replacement bulb at the local hardware store.

20140703-175406-64446578.jpg 20140703-175407-64447660.jpg

Overall, the Vanitibasic Double-Sided Lighted Vanity Mirror is a great buy, a worthy investment for people like me who always wanted a lighted mirror but are thinking twice about plunking almost 10k for a professional looking lighted vanity mirror.








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  1. amazing! does it mimic daylight? Does your make up look better in daylight with a lighted make up mirror? =) Thank you for sharing your review with us!

    • Hi and welcome to my blog 🙂 yup my makeup does look better using this lighted mirror cuz I see what needs to be adjusted or corrected right away. I can’t say if it mimics daylight though I think you need a combination of incandescent and CFL light to get a light that’s closer to daylight.

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