Review: Snug-A-Hug Maternity Nursing Post Op Everyday Pillow

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My belly is getting rounder and rounder and it’s throwing my center of gravity off. As you can imagine, my lower back is always hurting these days.I’vee always wanted to get a body pillow but it’s only now that I decided to actually get one.

The most popular maternity pillow I’ve seen online is the Snug-a-Hug Maternity Nursing Post Op Everyday Pillow. As the name implies, this is a multi-purpose pillow. It’s designed to ease the pressure of a growing belly on the spine for better sleep. Does it work? I have my doubts but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s review!

What is it: Snug-a-Hug Maternity Nursing Post Op Everyday Pillow

According to Snug-a-Hug Lazada:

Snug-a-hug is a Maternity Nursing Post-op Everyday Pillow used primarily by expecting moms, nursing mothers, recuperating patients and the like, but generally, this product can be used on a daily basis by anyone or anybody who just love a decent sleep! Made of 100% US Cotton, high-quality synthetic fibers, and Jersey knit cotton covers, it offers full back support that helps in correcting posture while sleeping

This is a fairly sizable pillow. I know it’s a body pillow and it’s supposed to be huge but I guess I didn’t know what to expect. I got this at Lazada via Snug-a-Hug’s official store but in hindsight, I should’ve gotten this at because it’s cheaper.

Quality and Packaging

The pillow came in a hugeass box, about 3 days after ordering. I was surprised at how fast the shipping was considering that this came from Lazada (haha). The pillow was well-packed and it came with its own reusable bag + instruction booklet. I was not able to take a picture of the entire shebang because I was excitedly ripping the packaging to pieces, hahaha!

I got the black one and the package came with the pillowcase and a storage bag. I like the softness of the pillowcase but I’m not impressed by the quality. The fabric is so thin, the pillow’s actual cover is peeking through. I suppose the material will tear easily too since it’s so thin and stretchy.

The actual pillow is quite robust, the stitching seems strong. I dislike how bulky the stuffing is though, I will get to the why later. Overall, the pillow looks like it’s durable so the PhP2,300 price tag seems fair. The pillowcase, on the other hand, is so cheap looking. I won’t be surprised if this gets ripped to shreds easily.


At first, I was excited to use the pillow. Again, my back is killing me and it takes a while before I get comfortable at night. I gave this a test run during an afternoon nap, not at night. Why?

The second I felt the bulging stuffing, I knew that the pillow is too firm. If I give this a test run at night, I might not get a wink of sleep. Yes, I’m sensitive that way. My pillows mustn’t be too firm nor too soft otherwise, I will have a hard time sleeping. My neck, in particular, is sensitive to the pillow height. The height of the pillow should be just right. Otherwise, my neck muscles stiff right up.

And you know, I was right, it was too damn firm. The hooked ends are too hooked too, gave me a fucking crick in the neck! When you lie on the hooked end, you have to kinda anchor that shit on the side of the neck, which is so uncomfortable. And when you move, it sorta grabs ahold of you too, wouldn’t let go!

Worse, if you lie on the hooked end as opposed to anchoring it on your neck, the end of the pillow is so big, it goes all the way to the middle of my back and the sleeping surface becomes uneven. Does that make sense? Essentially, the design of the hooked ends is so bothersome. I wish it wasn’t hooked this way, more like L-shaped, get it? So when you don’t want to anchor your neck, you can still lie on it without getting an uneven sleeping surface. Basta, mahirap i-explain, you have to experience it yourself to know what I’m talking about.

I had the most uncomfortable nap of my life, I was so disappointed. I was seriously thinking about sending the pillow back but I didn’t. I was hoping that when my belly gets even bigger, I might learn to like it. At the moment, the pillow is back in its bag, ignored since I tested it.

It’s also worth noting that the pillow is best for large beds. Or if you sleep alone. It’s that huge. We have a queen sized mattress and it does take a lotta room still.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s PhP2000+ I can’t get back. I wish I bought a hotdog pillow instead T_T I wish I understand the raves but the Snug-a-Hug Maternity Nursing Post Op Everyday Pillow is useless to me. It’s so firm, bulky, uncomfortable. The design isn’t as intuitive as I was led to believe. This is what I get for believing the hype.

UPDATE: Just so you know I didn’t test this pillow willy-nilly, I slept using the Snug-a-Hug pillow for three nights in a row. I got a stiff neck and a migraine because the pillow is so damn firm. I gave up after the third day. Gave it to the husband and he used it for three days too. Binalik sakin (he gave it back to me) saying he can’t move freely at night so back to the bag the pillow went.


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    • Hehehe, it won’t work for you if you don’t like hard pillows. My husband got me a regular hotdog pillow, which I still use today. Walang brand, just an ordinary hotdog pillow. Works for me!

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