Pregnancy Journey: Every Pregnancy is Different, Indeed

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Hey, hey! Yes, it’s been too long! I’ve been hella busy the past few weeks, juggling business and work. Now on my second pregnancy, I feel tired all the damn time too. But unlike the first time, I am not as thorough when it comes to observing the progress of this pregnancy. Most likely because I barely feel any morning sickness at all. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Observations at Week 6 – 8

After getting a positive on the pregnancy tests, we went to our OB the next day for a scan. After the scan, it was revealed that I was, in fact, 5 weeks pregnant and there was a heartbeat. Pretty much made everything feel real from thereon.

I wasn’t as pukey as I was back when I was pregnant with Damien. In fact, the only thing that cued me in that I *might* be pregnant was the sudden bouts of acid reflux. I never had acid reflux until I got pregnant the first time. So feeling that one night, I felt that we’re in for another surprise, lol

So! The first few weeks were a little hazy because I started feeling all levels of exhaustion. I get tired just watching Damien. Also, my sister is back home from China (the country was in crisis) so that added to my exhaustion. Also, I kept eating, jujuju!

I am trying to keep my weight down and I am trying my best not to overeat. But it’s hard when you have a balikbayan at home!

Around 6 to 7 weeks, we visited the OB a second time. Things seem to be fine and my doctor didn’t sign up for a second scan.

Observations at Week 9

The morning sickness started creeping in the afternoons if you can believe it. It starts at around 2 in the PM and then on and off until 5-7 PM. No severe nausea or morning sickness, mind you. Just the gentlest hilo and then it’s gone.

Honestly, if it weren’t for my baby bump (which is huge for 9 weeks), I don’t feel pregnant at all. Sure, sometimes I have mild bouts of morning sickness but nothing that I couldn’t handle. Of course, since I’m not feeling sick, I’ve become a bit worried. That’s why I can’t wait for the next scan, I’m hoping things with the baby are okay!

Observations at Week 10

We are up for a checkup sometime this week. I don’t feel pregnant and there are barely any pregnancy symptoms at all so not sure what to feel about that. Should I thank my lucky stars or did I *knock on wood* lose the baby? Who knows man, I’ll know once we get another go at the scan.

Overall, I’m feeling good. I’m about 3 mos pregnant now but the first trimester won’t be over until the last days of February. That seems so far away at this point.

Observations at Week 12/13

We’re at the end of the first trimester and honestly, apart from the occasional mild nausea and my omnipresent bump, I don’t feel pregnant at all!

I got a little worried about it that I asked my OB to check the baby on our last checkup. She used a doppler and it detected the heartbeat. After that, we also had an ultrasound and got to see our little one who’s not so little apparently. He looked so different from the little bean that we saw the last time. He’s now fully formed and quite malikot.

Although it’s too early to tell, the dr said we may have another boy on our hands, jujuju! I wanted a girl SO bad! Although I was slightly disappointed, I’m still hopeful, hahaha! Granted, I wouldn’t mind another boy because Damien is pretty wacky, he’s a fun little guy.

I’ve been trying not to eat at night as soon as I found out that I got pregnant because I didn’t want to go over 200 pounds. Jesus, I was so big when I had Damien, I don’t think I’d forgive myself if I go bigger the second time around. I barely lost the baby weight when I got pregnant again.

At the moment, I try not to think too much about the weight I’m gaining and focusing on staying as healthy as possible.

On the 13th week, I’ve been feeling very crampy all over especially the back and abdomen area. Not really sure what’s going on but I’ll have myself checked just to make sure everything’s alright with the baby.

And just like that, the first trimester is over! This chapter is a whirlwind of emotions but now that everything has settled, I can now enjoy the honeymoon period that is second trimester, hahaha!

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