Candy Shoes

What did I tell ya? I told you I'd hunt these babies down as soon as I set foot on the mall right? And I did a fine job too considering the Melissmia was apparently from an extremely old collection (midyear 2013, I think). It wasn't really easy. After travelling to Tarlac back to the city for more … Continue reading

Rolling in Commercialism

So my relentless search for the perfect black and nude flats ended after a quick trip to Payless. Luckily, they just released these lovelies and at PhP600 each, they're super cheap too! So I bought a couple of pairs and never will I scour my closet for shit to go with my pink flats again! … Continue reading

Nude Flats

I'd always choose colorful pieces over boring ol' nude, beige or brown (I fucking hate brown) but matching colorful clothing with my equally colorful collection of shusies, well, it's a challenge. So, I took my sister's advice and began searching for great flats in either black or tan. Just so I … Continue reading