In Tha (Fan) Club

I got talked into joining the Jovit Baldovino Fan page by one of my close buddies. While I do not know Jovit Baldovino from Jovit Moya, Ed promised me it'll be fun and stuff.Actually, walang point tong post na to na-touch lang ako sa introduction ni Ed. He lied though,the truth is  I was a bigass … Continue reading

Strange Encounters

I had a rather strange encounter with the Angels last Friday. I can tell you it was definitely an emotionally-charged night no one expected.  Although I won't go into details I'd say some serious drama went down that night and totally caught everyone off guard.Now, we are not exactly strangers to … Continue reading

Rounding Up

Last week was a busy week for me, I spent most of my time darting back and forth to my full-time and part-time gig. It was definitely exhausting. It is as if both my clients decided to shake things up by giving me one new task after another. Hay. I feel so tired.I went out to see a couple of Angels … Continue reading

All Apologies

A couple of years ago, I had a fight with a good friend over something that is a mystery to me even now.I believe I didn't write anything about the guy in this site. So here's the dope:He got mad over something. I apologized to him even though I was unsure what it is that made him mad. He not only … Continue reading


So I attended the triple birthday celebration of Hannah, Paeng and Rene. It was great because I got to reconnect with old friends and my wish to belt out numerous love songs was fulfilled.Of course, some people made me not forget about the fact that I "blew them off" from the last get-together.  I … Continue reading