Bag Talk: Mystic or GV3?

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Let’s ignore the apocalyptic crap for a moment and talk about bags, shall we?

I will definitely be abstaining from getting a designer bag this year because, hello, baby number 2, but! I can’t seem to get Givenchy bags off my mind, specifically the GV3 and the Mystic bag.



When worn:

I mean, they look so good! And yes, I’m really digging the camel color right now.

Honestly, I am gravitating towards the Mystic bag but I have a similar shaped bag already and I feel like it could a bit too boxy against the body. I love the GV3 initially but the suede sides, I don’t know.

Before the contagion happened, I was planning on snagging a bag in June or July, just in time for the mid-year sale but now, everything’s up in the air.

How are you, btw? Watching anything good on Netflix while passing the time? I’d love a good K-drama reco, let me know!

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