A Belated Push Gift: From Me to Me!

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Oh hey! I’m back buying jewelry pieces online hahaha! As you know, my husband got me a push gift when I had our first son. Thanks to COVID-19 and its soul-crushing uncertainty, my husband was unable to get me a push gift for our second… for now!

I guess it’s up to me to get myself something nice for bringing another life into this bleak world, right? And you know there is nothing more I love than getting myself a gift. So yes, here it is, I finally got myself a new ring! Behold:

The gems are genuine sapphires, about 5mm each in size. I had these sources specifically for this ring. As for the jeweler, I had this customized by Gawa Alahas, an Instagram-based jewelry shop based in Bulacan.

I chose this shop because the price is reasonable and the craftsmanship is fantastique. I had the ring done in yellow gold because I noticed that most of my rings are done in white gold. Most of the sapphires in the set are in warm reds, yellows, and oranges so I went with something complementing instead of contrasting if that makes sense.

I’ve always wanted a proper eternity ring – unapologetically chunky, full eternity, and eye-catching. I’ve had my heart set on rainbow sapphires for a while now but because we’ve recently opened a new biz and the pandemic thang, this project was set back several times. I was planning on getting this a few days before I gave birth but I decided to delay it until after the holidays.

Overall, I like the new ring. I feel that the gold is very thick, it doesn’t feel flimsy at all. I love that the prongs are holding each gem as opposed to a shared prong style. The gems are more secure this way. It does take a while to get used to wearing a chunky eternity ring just because it’s quite thick. And the gems go all the way so it’s not as comfortable as a half eternity band, but hey, not complaining at all!

I still have three other ring projects in the work, two of which involve my wedding set. I will write a different review because they were updated by different jewelers!

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