5th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

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Y’all! Can you believe it’s been five years since #JT111216? I can’t either and the husband felt the same.

I’ll be honest with you, I had very little enthusiasm for a grand celebration because we’re in the middle of the pandemic and I still feel bummed out over Rocky canceled first birthday celebration. I was okay with the usual exchange gift, hehehe!

My husband, on the other hand, was scandalized at the thought of not celebrating such a milestone year. He said he refuses to not celebrate our anniversary with a getaway + some gifts (to me). He totes asked me what I want for our anniversary and I blurted out “diamonds!”

So he got me a pair of stud earrings and a 5-diamond ring (one gem for every year, yiheee). Guys, I totally picked my own gifts and I LOVE DEM DIAMONDS TO BITS! To bits!

And you know I just needed an excuse to get us couple rings, right? So, I know of this Ukrainian jeweler with a gorgeous his and hers ring design. I had the ring customized by picking a pink and blue sapphire for the main gem. I read that 5th anniversaries are best commemorated with sapphire and sapphire happens to be my FAVE gem.

I had these done in old-time-y rose gold with yummy thick band so they’re seen from a mile away when worn. Absolutely heavenly, yeah?

I was beside myself with excitement! I couldn’t hide the surprise for long, however. Because we made it a point to show each other our gifts just to make sure we like what we’re getting. Believe me, there’s a hilarious story about this little tradition but that’s a story for another time.

I also got him a new NB2K game, which was given sometime in September because it launched and my husband needs to get it. So the game came first and then the ring.

We’ll cap off our celebration by heading to the Hilton Hotel for a weekend break next week. I did a review here, in case you’re curious. It’s one of our fave hotels now.

We’ll actually stay there twice, November and December. The second will be for Damien’s birthday. The original plan was to celebrate Damy’s 3rd birthday at home but Rocky’s 1st birthday celebration at the hotel got canceled so we decided to just celebrate both birthdays in the hotel.

Anyhoo, so excited for our anniversary celebration! It will be the first real break that we’ll have after our eldest was born, which is more than three years ago. Times flies so fast!


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