5th Wedding Anniversary at Hilton Hotel Sun Valley Resort

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Oh hey! We just got back from a proper weekend getaway. I think this was the first time we went on a break since we had our first child and that’s over 3 years ago!

We had an amazing time, the Hilton Hotel Sun Valley Resort was very consistent in terms of their customer service. The facilities remain fabulous and the interiors are gorgeous as always.

Guests are greeted by a giant Christmas tree in the lobby. There’s another one in gold at the Casino’s lobby:

After checking in, we had late lunch at the newly opened Chinese restaurant, cannot remember the name. I took a couple of pictures of the interiors. The design was tastefully done, very elegant.

The food was good but sorely overpriced considering the serving sizes, which were tiny. I cannot remember what we had but we had a couple of set rice meals + 2 orders of dumplings and drinks. The bill was about PHP3K or so.

I’ve no problems paying more for food if it meant that the entire spread would be amazing. The food’s great, but for that price, we were bitin. The order of rice is definitely NOT for sharing and it’s PHP500 per order. I know.

We booked a suite for our anniversary because my husband knows how much I love taking long soaks and ordering off LUSH lol. That’s exactly what I got!

I got us several bubble bath bombs on the LUSH website and the entire experience was silky smooth. Got my orders a week after ordering, which was acceptable. I also received a bunch of samples and I was so happy with dem freebies! I used all of these and still use them now. Would love to order a couple of face masks but they’re sold out at the moment. Here’s the rest of our suite:

On our first night, we booked a reservation at the Olive for the dinner buffet. The selection was small than your usual hotel buffet, so be warned.

Also, the quality of the food isn’t as good as the last time we were there. The sashimi was watery, clearly, the fish was frozen and defrosted too quickly, it was a soggy, tasteless mess. That pretty much set the tone for the rest of dinner.

I noticed that the seafood seems to be the most problematic. The prawn is very soft, maanta. The rest is okay.

Word of advice: getting room service is better because the food is higher in quality. Below are the dishes that we ordered in our room because we’re not paying PHP1600 for a dismal buffet dinner again.

The chicken parmigiana is so so good guys! So is the burger that the hubs got but the chicken is fabulous!

Here’s what we had for dessert. My husband got the carrot cake while I ordered the calamansi cake. Both are good!

The hotel was just a touch crowded during our stay because it was a holiday or something. But not too crowded. In fact, we had the pool to ourselves from 2 to 4 in the afternoon when we took a dip. Not too shabby!

We also went to the executive lounge, it was opened finally! We stuffed our faces in canapes and coffee, lol! It was fun.

Overall, we had such a great time at the Hilton. The food quality went down compared to our first stay but this is probably due to the Covid restrictions. But apart from that, we had fun spending our 5th wedding anniversary here.

We will be back at the Hilton on December 15, which is next week. We were supposed to celebrate Rocky’s first birthday there last September but it was canceled several times due to covid. This time, we will go there for Damien’s birthday so the celebration will also include Rocky’s first.

Can’t wait!

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