Always The Third Wheel

Recently I've been nursing a crush on this guy, let's call him uh... Sketchy Guy. Anyways, as luck would have it, I just found out that he is in fact, totally in-like with a friend. Dammit. It's always the case with me. Either they're taken or infatuated with someone else, it's so fucking … Continue reading

Beyond Bored

I don't know what the hell is up with me lately. It seems that my boredom is getting worse and worse every fucking day. I'm thinking maybe this is one of those PMS-ing moment but I doubt it. I sort of know it has something do with my general dissatisfaction with how things are going but as usual, I … Continue reading

Hogging The Mic

We went out for a nice stroll on the mall and ended up stuffing our faces with greasy food, ice cream and pretty much hogged one of the karaoke room in the amusement center. It was fun, actually. I had a blazing Air Hockey match with Paeng that left his hands sore (literally) while I got a bruised … Continue reading

Weirdude Begins

There's this guy in the office who always gets picked on, his name is Weirdude. He is this really, really weird guy who smells funky and who acts like he's a fucking retard. Mind you, people here in Porn Wonderland do not make a habit of alienating a person unless there's a reason behind it, in … Continue reading