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Right, the two MAC palettes that I ordered from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale haven’t even reached me yet and already I am creating a list of the things I want/need. So, I spent the last three days rubbernecking and saw a lot of goodies that may or may not end up in my stash *snicker, snicker*

Zoeva Brush Set

Guize, have you heard about Zoeva? It’s a makeup brush brand based in Germany. I heard about it from a local blogger (Bless My Bag) and lawrd, it never left my mind since then! But because the brand is based in Europe, it means I can’t pre-order this from any of my trusted online sellers. GodFuckingDammit. They said this is available at Luxola, a Singapore-based online store but options are limited and most of the really good sets are perpetually out of stock. Obviously,  the universe doesn’t want me to get my grubby paws on these babies.



Smashbox Masterclass III

Despite how much of a letdown the Full Exposure palette (review here) has been for me, I am still a massive Smashbox fan. I know Full Exposure’s troublesome shimmers may have been a slight mistake and I’m willing to overlook that because I know they make great shimmers in their other lines (I got the Studio Pop Palette and it was off the hook! Check it out here), the Masterclass III which is the third reiteration of their Masterclass line is gorgeous! They got rid of the sad cream liners and the lipglosses of collections yore and replaced it with giant pans of contouring powder, bronzer and highlighter! Mama likey! I plan to get this within a couple of months. I just need to find a good excuse to, heh.


Chic to Cheek Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blush Set ($35.00) (Limited Edition)

Pretty! Now would be a good time to try Tarte’s cult product, the Amazonian clay blushes! These babies are cute and they’re actually affordable, I mean, you’re getting four cute blushes for under 40 bucks 😀



Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

I haven’t really introduced a “real” serum into my skincare regimen. I’d love to get a bottle of this baby but it’s so expensive here in PH,  it’s just not that sustainable at all.



Melissa Floret II

I used to wear heels  but I grew older and began having real fear of bunions, hahaha! I kid, I kid. Let’s be real, heels are painful and I basically stopped wearing them for a while now. This fab wedge heels might bring me back to wearing heels again! It’s gorgeous! I love the contrasting colors and the harsh lines 🙂 very modern. I bet it’s super comfy too just like all my Melissa flats and sandals, heeee.


Philip Stein Watch

Ugh, so beautiful. I love beautiful watches. Wait, this list is getting too pricey way too quickly, hahahaha!

Philip Stein


Kate Spade Cobble Hill Devin Satchel

This is part of Kate Spade’s newest collection. I saw this online and was like, “well, shit.” I know the design is unexciting but I love the color and the cute little flap and the sturdy-looking handle. This baby comes with a strap so you can wear it as a body bag too. It’s a classic bag and very girly! Neat!




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