Winter in Tokyo Part 4: A Milestone Purchase!

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This will be the final post related to my Japan trip. After this I will shut up about it, I promise, hahaha! Apart from getting pasalubong, I really didn’t go shopping in Tokyo, well, not at the usual level I dare go, hahaha! My trip consisted mostly of eating, sightseeing, and lots of walking.

Of course, walking led to dropping by different stores, hehe. I love the shopping culture in Tokyo and when I grow up, I want all dem Goyard, Chanel, and LVs too!

The Japanese are very chic, even the men. I’ve observed that most men were lining up for hair products in the malls and they always wear Goyard ­čÖé wouldn’t it be nice to live in a city where the people are always so chic? You don’t see a lot of that here in the PH, mostly because the country’s poor and the weather’s not ideal for layering.

My sister always tell me, get a bag as a souvenir of your travels. And I took this to heart because I am a bag lover and a collector. My trip was no different, I was shooting for a souvenir bag so I’ll always have Tokyo with me!

Initially, I was only planning to get a Longchamp hobo bag┬ásimilar to my sister’s navy blue. The bag is roomy, practical and simple.


That burnt orange number is calling me! It only costs about 13,000++ yen or about PHP6-7,000, pretty cheap compared to getting one at Rustan’s. But my sister, who happens to be as big of an LV fan as I am, coaxed me into getting an LV instead.

Being a bag lady, you know I cannot resist the temptation. But wait, I was not emotionally prepared to get one!

Photo 13-12-2015, 8 40 25 AM

And at almost PHP65K, I was unsure if I’d want to part ways with that amount of money four days into the trip. But part ways, I did.


Photo 13-12-2015, 8 40 29 AM

My sister always wanted an Alma MM in monogram and our trip was the best time to get one. Also, there is an LV store at any mall in the metro so it’s so easy to get an LV. She got her dream bag at Ginza’s flagship LV store. I got mine in Shinjuku’s flagship store. Here’s my sister with her brand new Alma:

Photo 12-12-2015, 5 53 53 PM

Don’t you just love family pictures? We call our bags “The Twins.” Hahaha! I chose a Speedy Bandouliere 30 as my first LV. I loved the bag for its roominess, practicality, and classic shape. It’s so gorgeous in person!

Photo 14-12-2015, 8 06 42 AM

Check out the details on my new LV Speedy Bandouliere 30:

Photo 12-12-2015, 7 56 45 PM

Photo 13-12-2015, 4 14 43 PM

Photo 13-12-2015, 4 14 54 PM

Photo 13-12-2015, 4 17 27 PM

Photo 13-12-2015, 4 18 08 PM

Photo 13-12-2015, 4 19 35 PM

The craftsmanship is exquisite and I’m in love with the details. And because I simply do not “like” things, rather, I “obsess” about them, I plan to get another bag maybe in March if things go well.

I plan to get the Turenne MM. Here’s what she looks like as a GM, which is the largest size:


Isn’t she pretty? I’m planning to get it on my birthday. That is, if LV PH has this specific model in stock. I also plan to get a couple of wallets in the near future ­čÖé I’m already saving up and I’m very excited!

Apart from the bag, I only got a couple of beauty stuff like Shiseido brushes (super cheap in Tokyo) and eyelash curler, as well as a couple of Hello Kitty compact mirrors similar to the ones I had as a kid.

Photo 02-01-2016, 12 51 15 PM

My sister got me a Comme des Gar├žons shirt, which is so awesome because it has polka-dot print that I am so cray cray about! Before getting the bag, I was thinking of buying the matching polka dot wallet by the same brand.

You might be wondering why I never bought any skin care products and that’s because I was having issues with my skin so I didn’t want to use another set of skin care.

To wrap up, my sister and I might be returning to Japan next year. I’m already saving up for the trip hoping I get to do lots of shopping the second time around, hahaha!

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