Winter in Tokyo Part 3: Eats and Shopping for Pasalubong

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Believe it or not, I didn’t come to Tokyo to shop, much more get a milestone purchase! For one thing, most of the things I wanted to buy in Tokyo are definitely out of my price range. Quite simply, most things in Tokyo are expensive, especially the food. So I expected that most of my shopping monies will go directly into my belly, hahaha!

Photo 07-12-2015, 6 16 33 PM

Of course, I couldn’t leave the city without getting bits of stuff for pasalubong. To my non-PH readers, pasalubong are simply items you give away to loved ones and friends after visiting a certain place, overseas or otherwise.

Photo 09-12-2015, 12 06 56 PM

One of the things that are high on my pasalubong list is green tea KitKat. Thankfully, most discount drugstores offer KitKat in different (though limited) variants. I got green tea, plain KitKat, and red bean flavor.


We also got as many party Melty Kisses as we could!

melty kiss

After strolling Ginza, we also came across a queer bakeshop that sells cute desserts like Banana and strawberry cakes:

Photo 09-12-2015, 2 14 11 PM

Photo 09-12-2015, 6 18 11 PM

According to my sister, this bakeshop is popular for the banana cakes but they ran out so we got a couple of boxes of their strawberry cake and they were delicious!

Of course, I cannot squeeze in all the stuff I ate during our 8-day trip to Tokyo but I chose the highlights:

Out hotel sits right smack in the middle of beer houses in Shinjuku. We went out for drinks at a nearby bar. My sister loved the Kerin beer while I basically stuffed my face with grilled seafood because I don’t drink beer. I drank sake though.

Photo 12-12-2015, 9 14 06 PM

These are our pulutan :3 yum!

Photo 11-12-2015, 7 11 20 PM

A vacation in Japan is not complete without noshing on yakitori. Yakitori is skewered meats grilled over charcoal fire. We went to Piss Alley to get yakitori.

Photo 07-12-2015, 6 37 04 PM

These yakitoris are so so so good!

Photo 07-12-2015, 6 31 53 PM

Of course, we also scoured Shinjuku for the best ramen place. We went to Menya Musashi because my sister said it is one of the best noodle place in Tokyo.

Photo 08-12-2015, 8 04 54 PM

As expected, the line was very long so we have to take a number and wait for 15 to 30 minutes to be seated. The place was a little cramped and I was not really hungry when we got there so I sort of felt bad that I couldn’t enjoy my ramen.

Photo 08-12-2015, 1 03 33 PM

To be quite honest, I ate a shitload of stuff in Japan that I gained five pounds after. Even Tokyo’s el cheapo katsus and curries out of this world delicious!

Photo 11-12-2015, 12 05 03 PM

Photo 08-12-2015, 12 54 01 PM

Photo 08-12-2015, 12 54 05 PM

We also visited several temples and sampled the food. Check out the eye-popping Japanese snacks:

Photo 08-12-2015, 1 19 27 PM

We also tried this crunchy baked pastry on our way to the train station. We saw loads of people lining up for this at Shibuya so we never had a chance to try them. Apparently, the company has a small stall near one of our exits. We were not terribly impressed despite having Hokkaido milk as its main draw. The pastry tasted too similarly with Beard Papa’s cream puffs.

Photo 11-12-2015, 1 34 02 PM

We also dropped by Dominique Ansel Bakery, which was hidden at what looked like suburban Shibuya. We tried some of his most popular desserts. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with any of these desserts. I felt that they were hyped up and failed to deliver.

Photo 11-12-2015, 3 02 19 PM

This ‘smore tasted weirdly plasticky so I didn’t enjoy it at all. I only took one bite for this picture.

Photo 11-12-2015, 6 51 07 PM

This cheesecake is light, fluffy, and citrusy. From the three items we got, this is the only one I liked.

Photo 11-12-2015, 3 02 28 PM

This cookie shot tasted okay. It’s not mind-blowingly delicious as other bloggers claimed. The cream is nice because it is sweet but the cookie itself is hard and contains very little choco chips.

Photo 12-12-2015, 7 36 53 AM

Photo 11-12-2015, 3 02 39 PM
We went to Isetan’s food section several times and saw a dizzying array of high quality foods. I couldn’t take pictures because most of the vendors do not allow it. Unfortunately, the food section does not have designated areas for eating. You just buy what you want and take them all home to eat. And so, that’s what we did.

Photo 13-12-2015, 7 09 59 PM

Of all the packed meals we got at Isetan, the custard is the one I liked the most. The flan is not too sweet and is very milky. The caramel really complements the flan very well. Very delicious and affordable!

My last meal in Tokyo is a curry katsudon. I ordered this at Narita and it was good, mildly spicy and sweetish. Quite pricey for what it is but otherwise a worthy last meal in a city that I love.

Photo 14-12-2015, 3 42 03 PM

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