Winter in Tokyo Part 2: Tsukiji Market

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Tsukiji market is Tokyo’s largest marketplace. It’s been featured in documentaries for its eye-popping array of seafood, including massive tunas. We went to the market on our third day in Tokyo and I was beside myself with excitement because I am a huge sushi lover.

Photo 12-12-2015, 10 00 51 AM

You see, apart from the usual goods and seafood, the Tsukiji market also features dozens upon dozens of small sushi stalls. Shoppers can score great deals because the sushis are made from the freshest ingredients!

Photo 12-12-2015, 10 06 54 AM

As mentioned a blog post ago, the most popular of all sushi stalls in Tsukiji market is Sushidai. Unfortunately, we arrived too late. Sushidai was no longer accepting customers by the time we got there and the place is packed. We ended up queuing at Daiwasushi, which sits literally beside Sushidai.

Photo 12-12-2015, 11 46 59 AM

These are the dudes who were making sushis at Daiwasushi. I couldn’t take the picture of the guy who created our sushi sets because I was a little shy about asking him for pictures.

Photo 12-12-2015, 11 59 07 AM Photo 12-12-2015, 11 55 07 AM Photo 12-12-2015, 11 55 01 AM Photo 12-12-2015, 11 53 34 AM Photo 12-12-2015, 11 51 41 AM Photo 12-12-2015, 11 50 04 AM Photo 12-12-2015, 11 49 06 AM Photo 12-12-2015, 11 48 34 AM

I know I already shown the pictures of the sushis we ate at the market but for old times sake, here they are again!

Photo 12-12-2015, 10 08 07 AM

After getting our minds blown with the sweet, savory sushis, we did bits of sight-seeing. I loved the super affordable ceramics being sold in the market. I regret not getting any because I was afraid it might break if I keep it in my luggage.

Photo 12-12-2015, 10 09 45 AM

We also saw scores of interesting seafood, including large crabs, tunas, herring, and salmon.

Photo 12-12-2015, 10 13 35 AM

We also saw lots of kobe beef, whole fish, snacks, and other treats.

Photo 12-12-2015, 10 16 58 AM

Photo 18-12-2015, 10 57 30 PM

I used to favor salmon sushi and sashimi over tuna but after getting a taste of sushi in Tsukiji market, I think my tastebuds are spoiled forever. It’s also quite curious that we were never served salmon sushi in Tokyo. Next stop, I will be reminiscing about shopping and the most important purchase I made in Shinkuju!

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