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Since I’m finally getting a break, I can once again afford to blog about mudane stuff. Rhae and I got talking last night. Out of nowhere, she pointed out something that blew me away. Check out this picture:


You will notice that the same girl got her image posted on a painting with the numbers 1920-1921 and a trash bin. In this picture, she is obviously conveyed as a dead person and a piece of garbage at the same time. By people she considers her friends. Wow. She even wrote a painfully long poem about how she misses every single person in this picture. I think, even after all these years, she still didn’t catch on the real meaning of this piece of shit.

Although I have seen this picture a few years back, I really didn’t take much notice because most of these guys are so not worth my time (Whooa. Especially now.) but now that I looked closely, I can’t help but feel bad for this girl because I do consider her one of my friends even if she clearly has problems prioritizing people in her life. It’s so incredible that this girl even cherises this picture so much when obviously the person wo made this picture (no doubt one of the boys in this very pic) thinks so lowly of her. They need to stop treating her like a damn mascot and she shouldn’t put up with these kinds of people.


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