What I Got for My Birthday (Of Course It’s a Bag)

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When I started my bag collection, the plan was to get one bag from every fashion house that I like. So far, that has been the case. I’ve always wanted a Celine box but frankly, I don’t like the bag enough to pay 200K for it. No bag is worth that price, in my opinion. I could get a secondhand bag but each time I tried pulling the trigger, I chicken out. Hearing how delicate the leather is or how difficult it is to use, I just couldn’t justify the price.

So I decided to trawl the vintage market for a Celine macadam Boston bag. I dove deep into the market that, at some point, I got obsessed. I was so close to getting this gorgeous beige Boston bag in pristine condition but the leather handles were a little too dry for my taste so I didn’t get it.

Anyhoo, I  then found out that the brand created a fresh collection of maxi-minimalist bags that feature the retro-style Triomphe monogram – inspired by Arc de Triomphe. The monogram is very similar to LV, actually but instead of vachetta leather, Celine’s mono was paired with vintage-y cognac leather trims.

Let me just make it clear that I didn’t get the Celine mono because it looks like LV. In fact, I am no longer wearing my LV monos as much as before. I guess my preferences change every now and then, pretty sure I won’t feel the same in a few months.

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There were lots of fabulous bags in the collection but one bag stood out because of its simplicity. It’s the bucket bag! The Celine Triomphe Canvas Medium Bucket Bag, to be precise.

I wanted it in a small size but my contact says it’s sold out. I found a seller that has the Celine Triomphe canvas bucket bag in medium on hand and it’s on sale. Needless to say, I bought the bag.

I did try to resist getting the bag. In fact, I waited for a little less than two weeks to decide if it’s a go. I talked myself out of getting the bag several times and I was sorta winning. But then, I started feeling sad because I had my heart set on this bag. I felt like I had a hard year and I didn’t get a bag last year so I’m depriving myself kind of? I know that’s ridiculous especially since a lot of people had it worse but well.

I finally made up my mind to get the bag. I told myself (several times) that if the bag hasn’t been sold yet, it’s meant for me. And she waited guys, she waited. The vintage Celine Boston that I liked didn’t wait, it got sold after like, a week, and all the while I was thinking back and forth if I should pull the trigger but I’m happy I didn’t because now, I have this one.

About the Bag

Traditionally, bucket bags have a drawstring closure, a design element that I dislike so much because it’s taxing to keep pulling the material every time you’re opening the bag.  And when the thing snaps from so much wear, you have to find a replacement pa.

That’s why LV’s bucket bag never appealed to me, I hated the damn drawstrings. The Celine Triomphe canvas bucket bag in medium doesn’t have a drawstring. It has a single snap closure in the middle. Getting stuff in and out is easier and won’t cause too much wear on the material.

I also like the shape because it doesn’t stick out too much when you wear it as a crossbody bag. That’s because the base has a rectangular base, not a round one, another plus for me.

The canvas material is thinner than LV, which is a letdown for me. I thought Celine’s quality would be better. The interior of the bag features a fabric lining while the leather trims are made from calfskin leather.

I love the leather trims, they’re quite resilient but not stiff at all. I think the trims are resistant to water, unlike vachetta. Plus, the color is a nice cognac and not cream like vachetta. I did treat the bag before I stored it just to ensure that the trims are pristine.

The Celine Triomphe canvas bucket bag in medium has no inner pocket inside, it’s just a gaping hole. The straps are attached to the sides and the sides were reinforced with thin leather strips. Overall, the design is quite simple, something that’s very Celine.

The only thing that I am quite wary about initially, was the size. This is a medium and it’s a pretty huge medium. I’m a 5 1′ on a regular day and a 5 2′ on a good day and though I’m pretty chunky at the moment, that bag is still huge.

The gold hardware is a nice touch, it goes so well with the cognac trims and the brown mono print. The hardware feels nice and hefty although there’s not much of it because the design is very simple.

I bought the bag under a layaway term and timed the last payment to my birthday. Unfortunately, around that time, NCR was on the verge of a lockdown so it took weeks to get here.


The bag is super lightweight: It’s a great one to use if you’re running errands all day and you need a bag that could keep up with your busy lifestyle. I used my Prada Galleria recently and lord, I swear it was heavier than I remember. I love the style, I love my bag, but man, she’s hefty. I let the hubs carry my bag na lang, I don’t imagine letting him carry the Celine Triomphe canvas bucket bag because it’s so light.

Love the retro styling: The reason why I bought this bag was because I was hunting for a vintage Celine bag in a similar monogram. I just love how vintage-y this one looks, it’s such a classic piece!

Simple design: There are no heavy hardware that bog down the functionality of the bag. It’s very easy to wear, easy to use, and heck, easy on the eyes too.


Doesn’t *feel* like a designer bag: The canvas material is so thin, it’s too lightweight. I know it’s a designer piece but it doesn’t feel like it at all. I know I overpaid for this bag.

Quality could be better: I am seeing a bit of unevenness in the stitching on the inside where the leather straps are attached. I wish this part was more even. No it’s not fake, the seller is trusted and I know how to spot a fake naman. I feel like the brand pretty much just slapped on an archived design and called it a day.

Basic design: There are no bells and whistles to speak of. The simple design can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preference. I like it but I am missing some things that are often associated with luxury bags, like fancy hardware, some heft, or at the very least, a nicer interior lining.

I feel like Celine isn’t as high-end as other high-end brands like, Fendi or Givenchy talaga because I can feel the difference in the construction of the bag. But then again, this bag is cheaper compared to the higher-tier Box Bag. perhaps the quality of the most expensive Celine bags are better than these revival pieces like the Celine Triomphe canvas bucket bag in medium? Who knows.

About the Seller

I bought the bag at The Bag Hub, a Pasig-based designer leather goods company with a strong IG following. The experience was okay, the folks were nice. I was planning to get the bag in person at their office because I used to frequent the place but the lockdown happened and the bag was shipped to me after the restrictions were eased.

The bag came with the original paper bag, the dust bag, a tag, and the bag itself. No care cards but that’s fine.

So to sum up, I like the Celine Triomphe canvas bucket bag but I feel like I overpaid for it. Do I regret the purchase? Slightly but only because I feel that the bag only got prestige because of the brand name, not because of the flawless quality. Still, I would happily tote Ms. Thang on my next milk tea date with the hubs.

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