What I Got for My Birthday: iPhone Xr

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I had a feeling I won’t get a bag for my birthday and I was right. I got a new phone instead! As much as I wished for a new bag, I needed the phone more. You see, my 4-year-old mobile phone died on my birthday. Quite literally, my damn phone chose my birthday to die, which in hindsight, was so fitting.

I didn’t realize how dependent I was on my phone until it died. My phone has been glitch-y since the battery started wearing out. Before that, I stopped updating the OS thinking that Apple has been slowing down my phone (which turned out to be true). I know Apple has been giving incentives for certain iPhone models with faulty batteries. Mine happens to be a part of the model with faulty batteries, but since I am no longer based in the city, I didn’t take advantage of the offer.

I really didn’t want to replace my old phone because the novelty of getting a new phone has faded a long time ago but I guess I have to.

Anyhoo, I got the iPhone Xr in Black. It comes with a massive, 256 GB storage, but just 3 GB RAM. I was lucky enough to get the version with the largest storage. My last phone only had a measly 16GB of storage and I cannot tell you how frustrating it was, erasing app after app because I kept getting prompts about my storage usage.

Initially, I wanted the red Xr but it’s sold out everywhere. Or at least in the stores that I went to. I knew this would be the case so I went for the black one.

Out of the box, I got the standard accessories: adaptor, headphones, and the charging cable:

The orientation of the camera is different from my iPhone 6 as you can see. The lack of a home button makes the Xr look so seamless:

The Xr is bigger than my old phone, but it’s not the largest in the iPhone X series. The Xr is larger than the old iPhone X and the updated XS but it’s smaller than the X Max, which is the premium phone in the line.

One of the most important features of the iPhone X series is the Face ID. The technology allows for facial recognition and this made the iPhone Xr much easier to open than the now-traditional fingerprint scanner.

The Xr is fairly expensive and it’s the priciest phone these hands ever held. At first, I was worried that the Xr might be too big and the size might strain my fingers, but surprisingly, I can use this phone with just one hand.

I love how snappy the Xr is but that’s normal if the phone is new. Apart from the Xr, I also got a Spigen crystal clear case because a scratch on this thing will break my heart. I also had the screen covered by tempered glass because that’s what kids do these days, apparently.

Overall, I am quite happy with this purchase though I’d rather get a designer bag. Still, having a fancy phone is nice because I can finally play freakin’ tetris when I’m bored or update my son’s instagram, which you can follow here.

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