What I Got for My Birthday: Fendi DotCom Satchel

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It’s been a personal tradition to gift myself a nice bag every year and this time around, I got myself a Fendi DotCom satchel. OMG, you guys! I got this at such an amazing deal, I’m still reeling! It’s like 2017 gave me one last amazing gift before bidding adieu!

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. I know I’m lucky that I get to enjoy these kinds of stuff and believe me, I’m grateful. I also work hard so I deserve a self-treat. It took months of saving up to bag this baby and now here we are!

A little story first…

Initially, I wanted the Fendi By The Way bag, which is a cute little purse with a minimalist aesthetic. I love it to death but I saw how tiny the bag is in person. It has a partition in the middle so you really can’t fit a lot of stuff in. Also, I’m not feeling the look of the BTW when worn. Like it was wrong for my body type or something. The shape felt too bulgy against my hip.

Incidentally, I heard about the DotCom bag, did lots of oggling online and just fell in love with the name and the design of the bag.

I thought it was fitting to get a bag named “DotCom” because I work from home, earning a living writing for .dotcom sites. Getting the bag is much like paying homage to my work and lifestyle. I also adore the DotCom’s minimalist aesthetic, it’s so right up my alley. Needless to say, I went for this specific bag.

As you know, last year’s purchase was done online. I bought my Nightingale from a personal shopper named Madel. While I loved the convenience of buying from a personal shopper, I wanted to get my DotCom straight from the boutique. I just miss the feeling of getting the bag yourself, inspecting the bag in person, and seeing it being wrapped so beautifully. I was adamant to see through every process of owning a designer bag because the experience is also part of the things you pay for when you buy any type of high-end goods.

Two days before Christmas, I went to Fendi at Rustan’s to see the bag in person for the first time. Since I’ve been saving up for this bag for a while, there were times when I wanted a different bag. But seeing the bag in person pretty much cemented my love for the DotCom.

The Bag

Initially, I went to see the basic black DotCom with a cobalt inner pouch, such a gorgeous bag. I casually asked about the ongoing pre-holiday sale (items at 10% off), and the SA said several DotCom bags were, indeed, part of the sale. She let slip that if I wait until the 26th, I could actually get a higher discount for the same model in a different shade. I was so frackin’ surprised, she could’ve pushed the product right at that moment but she was kind enough to let me know more about the upcoming post-Christmas sale to get enjoy more savings.

I thought the bags on sale will come in weird colors, like really light tan or neon green (which is usually the case!), but was pleasantly surprised that it’s a beautiful red, my second choice! My SA said the red, in particular, will be on sale at a much lower price. She retrieved the red DotCom bag for me to check out and I was pretty much breathless. She was so striking, definitely feistier than the basic black! The hubs loved the red compared to the black too.

The SA said I could reserve the bag until the sale kicks in on the 26th. I was hesitant at first because I was concerned about jean stains. I wanted to get the black one because jean stains are not noticeable at all. I wasn’t sure how resistant red bags are to jean stains? The deal sounded too good to pass up but I said I’d have to think about it and held off reserving the bag.

I literally spent the next 30 minutes thinking about the whole deal. It would be nice to give my collection a pop of color. I mean, the last purse I got was in midnight blue, almost black. With an LV mono and Damier tote, my collection’s looking a little gloomy. A fun color would’ve given my collection diversity. Also, since I’ll be paying homage to my work, a happier shade is more fitting.

It was the husband who convinced me to get the red bag. He knew I loved the color and the only thing stopping me from getting it is my issue with the jeans stain. He said I could just treat the leather the same way I did with my other bags. I also thought about being careful in terms of what I wear with the bag to minimize the staining. So eventually, I went back to the boutique and said I’d like to reserve the red bag. Now that’s proof that I have no self-control at all, hahaha!

I was informed that the red bag was the last piece of its kind in the store. I asked if the bag was a display item and they said no, the bag was fresh in storage and wasn’t displayed at all. I believe them because the bag was in pristine condition.

Curiously, the store was not putting DotCom bags on display at all. It was all Peekaboos, BTWs, and Kan Is, no DotComs to be seen anywhere! I have a feeling that Fendi will be phasing out the DotCom soon. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. It’s a good thing because the bag will be much rarer now. But it’s a bad thing because it means the design isn’t connecting with its target market.

But, that doesn’t matter to me because I love the bag and would get it regardless. Here’s what the red Dotcom looks like:

Photo Credit: neimanmarcus.com

I checked the bag for flaws starting with the leather. I checked for scuffs, uneven stitching, blemishes, messy glued edges, etc. Next, I checked the hardware, made sure that everything was in order. Once satisfied, I paid for the bag.

Photo Credit: neimanmarcus.com

Here’s what my bag looks like in person:

I love the size, it’s just perfect for my 5’1 frame! I also adore the way it looks against my body, the DotCom doesn’t look bulky at all. Can I just say, I love Fendi Rustan’s SAs, they were so friendly! SAs selling designer goods tend to be snotty but this was not the case at Fendi Rustan’s at all!

Okay, so this post is getting too long! I love talking about bags, obviously. I will be writing a separate review on the DotCom and moar mod shots in case you’re planning on getting one yourself!


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