What Came in The Mail: Xiaomi 16000 maH Powerbank

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I’m not the type who uses her phone until it runs out of juice. I’m not really into games or any other activities that drain my phone’s battery. But after the boyf got his own power bank, he suggested I get one as well because of the erratic power outage in my provincial home. I really didn’t think I needed one until he pointed it out.

For weeks after that, I have been looking for a good power bank brand. I found out that Xiaomi’s newest high capacity power bank will be on sale several weeks before. The catch? It’s an online sale.

Photo 5-9-15, 9 23 35 AM

It was the first time in a long time that I bought anything online. I tend to avoid such things because I’m extremely paranoid about leaving my account information on the net.

The power bank arrived a little over a week after I ordered it, wasn’t really pleased about that.

Photo 5-9-15, 9 23 17 AM

The Xiaomi power bank is packed in a very straightforward manner. the box comes with a paper tray where the product lay. As for the power bank itself, it’s silver and very sexy – albeit surprisingly hefty. It comes with a connection cable, a user guide and nothing more.

On the side of the box, there is a hologram sticker that you have to scratch to get the verification code. You go to the Xiaomi site and use the code to check if you have an authentic product. I checked mine and indeed, it’s authentic. This is a great feature because I read there are a lot of fake Mi power banks being sold online.

Photo 5-9-15, 9 23 40 AM

Apart from being able to charge my iPhone 6 five times, the power bank can also charge two devices simultaneously. This is the reason why I bought it 🙂

As far as looks go, the Mi power banks, in general, could pass for Apple products. The power bank sports the same aluminum body as an iTouch 🙂 What I liked about the power bank is its handiness.

The design is fairly slim, you can slip it into your purse and it won’t take up much space. My only gripe is I wish it came with a sleeve or something. I’ve got butterfingers and I’m worried about dropping this, hahaha! Also, I wish this came in gold, my favorite color.

Photo 5-9-15, 9 23 57 AM

I tested this several times and it works beautifully. Love it 🙂 Such a great buy.

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