What Came In The Mail: Sonia Kashuk Lavish Luxe 10-Piece Brush Set

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This is a really late post about the brush set the boyfriend gifted me with last Christmas. He got me the limited edition Lavish Luxe brush set by Sonia Kashuk and I have to say, despite the set being cheap as chips, it doesn’t really feel like it! The set contains all the essential brushes you need for the face and the eyes. Each brush features a fluted gold handle and ivory bristles.

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My favorite is of course, the biggest one, the powder brush, because it’s fluffy and soft albeit a bit scratchy followed by the blending brush, the angled crease brush and the large shader brush! My least favorite from the set is the brow-lash brush because I don’t use this kind of brush at all and the fan brush because I think it’s useless for super pigmented blushes and does nothing for me.

What I love about the whole set is, of course, the fact that they are so pretty in person. The brushes don’t feel cheap and they do the job right. The downside is, the domed powder brush sheds like crazy and the blending brush I got formed curled stray bristles on the sides after washing it the first time.


I got this set via Gracey’s America, it’s one of the newer online stores I tried last December following a really bad transaction with French Mac. I think I blogged about that weeks ago. Initially, I ordered the Fall brush set at French Mac and waited for three weeks until it arrived. A week before it’s scheduled to be shipped, I asked for the status of my order only to discover that the set is sold out and she forgot to tell me. So basically, I wasted three weeks waiting for nothing. I was super disappointed about the whole thing and the seller had the audacity to snap at me because I said it sucked that the brush set was sold out. Needless to say, the Clarisonic I ordered from her last month will be the last transaction I will have with French Mac.Gracey’s America was kind enough to hunt this down for me (they are based in Atlanta.) and I couldn’t be happier!

Anyhoo, the whole set is a measly USD29 and for the number of brushes you get and the quality, it’s such a great purchase! I use the eye brushes the most while the fan brush the least because it hardy ever picks up pigment. I can’t wait to use this on my incoming Naked 3 order which will be shipped today, yay!

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