What Came in the Mail: Soak Artisan Soap’s Bath Bomb Trio

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Since we haven’t traveled to the city for a while now, I had to do most of my shopping online. I was hoping to score bath bombs as I prepared for my Davao trip. I like having several bath bombs with me whenever I’m holidaying cuz usually, the resort or hotel has a bathtub. I wish I had a bathtub because I live for frilly bath kaartehan in all shape and form! Bath bombs and bubble baths are mah jam!

I usually get my bath fizzies at Lush but the store is so far away. Unfortunately, the brand has no online store in PH, boo! There I was, frantically searching for bath bombs sellers when I came across the Soak Artisan Soap brand.

For those unfamiliar, this is an indie store that sells all-natural, cruelty-free bath essentials, particularly artisanal soaps and linen sprays. I came for the bath fizzies and that’s exactly what I ordered. Do note that I ordered these babies using my mobile phone so the whole process was quick and easy.

Unfortunately, the selection’s a little scant. Also, I hit checkout too fast not thinking about adding more fizzies. I emailed the customer support asking for additional orders so I won’t be charged twice for a single delivery. Sadly, I was told that none of their bath fizzes come in regular size so there’s no point in ordering more. Oh, well.

The good news is, delivery is swift. I ordered these babies on October 29th and received the package on November 3. That’s fast considering October 31 and November 1 were national holidays. Packaging’s a little blah but there’s bubble wrap so the products came in a pristine state, as you can see.

The package consists of 3 mini bath bombs called Party Beach, Sweet Dreams, and Poison Berry. The scents are Soak Artisan Soap’s signature fragrances. I do love the fragrance, although it might bother peeps with sensitive noses.

I wish these came in regular sizes though. I feel that I’ll use these up in one go because they’re so smol! I will, of course, write a review once I use these babies up so stay tuned!

Tina Lee

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