What Came In The Mail: My Clarisonic!

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Finally, my Clarisonic came in the mail! I’m super excited to test this out except the unit has to be charged for 24 hours before I can use it *le sigh*. Well, nobody’s perfect! To be quite honest, I was getting impatient waiting for this to arrive as it has been delayed for a couple of weeks already. My fault, I ordered the Clarisonics a few days after the holidays and apparently, PH customs can’t keep up with the holiday rush.


Anyhoo, I sorta get the Clarisonic hype. I mean, this thing has 4.2 rating at Makeup Alley and it’s well-reviewed in the blogosphere. But a lot of people are deterred from buying one because it’s hella expensive. And it is! I got mine at PhP7,500 while I got my sister’s at around PhP6,900 at the Sephora VIB sale. So if you’re watching your budget, this might not be for you.


I only got the Clarisonic out of sheer desperation. Granted, my skin has more or less became manageable after I switched to Clinique’s 3-step-system but I wanted something that will really get in there and help fade my ugly pimple marks. So I went ahead and ordered my own Clarisonic and I’m just beside myself with excitement.

Clarisonic Mia 2 comes in awesome colors but I chose the Pacific Sunset because it’s the aggressive kind of pink, which I’m cray cray foooooor. It’s a lovely color!

Right, because I’m a rebel, I used it without waiting for its 24-hour initial charging. First, I used a cotton ball soaked with makeup remover to get rid of the gunk on my face, slathered a generous dollop of Cetaphil and scrubbed away using the Clarisonic. And my skin felt so clean, clean, clean!

I swear, I saw a difference in my skin the first time I used it:

  • Smoother texture
  • White bumps on my chin disappeared!
  • Makeup applied better

The downside is, I am experiencing skin dryness right now especially around the nose area. I think this means either my moisturizer isn’t as hydrating as it should be or I’m over-exfoliating (using the Clarisonic morning and night). Hmmm… I’ll give it a couple more days and if things worsen, I think I should lay easy on brushing my face twice daily. Overall, I’m so happy I finally caved and got me my own Clarisonic and I cannot wait until this thing improves my skin!

Tina Lee

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