What Came in the Mail: Gold Birkenstock + My Zalora Experience

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I do my shopping at any mall nearby but on days when I’m practically bedridden from laziness, I do bits of shopping online. I’ve had great experiences buying stuff online until recently so I am more careful now and I only shop at trusted websites like Sephora.


I wanted to get myself a couple of Birkenstock sandals and I know that Zalora PH has these pretty gold ones that I really liked. However, since I didn’t know how accurate the sizing is, I decided to get a pair of brown Arizonas first via Birks’ standalone boutique at Megamall before ordering the gold ones just to make sure I got the size right. Confident that I have the right size, I went ahead and ordered the gold one online.


Shopping around and ordering at Zalora is easy enough, I downloaded the app and completed my order within seconds. I ordered the sandals on December 26th and I received the package on January 6, so waiting time was long and it was frustrating because I was meaning to wear them on New Year’s eve because I’m Chinese and the color gold is lucky. But unluckily enough, I didn’t receive the sandals in time, le ugh.


Anyhoo, I totally ripped the personalized packaging (that was a nice touch) out of excitement. My best friends’ wedding was coming up and since it’s a beach wedding, the gold Birks would be perfect. Imagine my surprise when the sandals I got were half an inch too big!


Now, I got the right size and I was sure that it was my size because it’s the same size as my old Birks but somehow, the ones I got are still big. I was so freakin’ disappointed! And I had no choice but to return them but I feel so bad about it because the sandals are to die for!

The good news was, returning the package was easy and you don’t have to pay for additional shipping. Just send the package to the nearest LBC or JRS and they’ll take care of the rest.

Now, I gave Zalora another chance after getting my refund because I wanted a pair of gold Birks so badly. I ordered the same design but I went a size up, hoping against hope that I made the right decision.

Incidentally, the Gold Arizonas that I wanted were on sale! I got them for PhP 3,700+ (original price was 4,700+), so it was quite a bargain. This time around, the package didn’t take two weeks to ship but it was still longer than most of my online transactions. I ordered the sandals on the 11th and got a shipping alert on the 14th. I received the package on the 17th.

Thankfully, I got the right size this time.

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