What Came In The Mail: Clarisonic 4 Pack Brush Heads & Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade

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A month ago, I pre-ordered two of, what I think, are personal grooming essentials I need for my stash. First, because Clarisonic and its many, many accessories are not available locally, I had to buy the brush heads in bulk. Thankfully, Clarisonic offers 4 brush heads in one pack. The 4-1 brush pack used to be offered for a limited time only but just recently, Clarisonic announced that it will be a part of their main product line. Good call.


As you know, Clarisonic is one of the main part of my nighttime skin regimen and it’s a must for me to brush my face so the products can seep through much easier. Clarisonic, coupled with better skin care products, totally changed the texture of my skin. I swear by it! So despite balking at the PhP4,000+ price tag, I went ahead and got me said brush heads. I got them from Gracey’s America and I chose the SENSITIVE type brush head as I was not keen on straying from stuff that works well on my skin.


I heard horror stories over Clarisonic’s other brush heads, specifically, Wayne Goss’ experience after shifting brush heads from sensitive to deep pore cleansing brush head:

So yeah. Not going there. The good news is, I can rest easy knowing I have brush heads that’ll last me all year! Another thing I got was the Anastasia BH dip brow pomade in Ebony. Incidentally, I lost my newly purchased MUFE Aqua Brow and despite its lackluster performance, I sorta felt bad about that simply because it’s a bit more expensive than the Anastasia one. I hate wasting money and I barely even got to about 1/4 the tube! It’s practically brand new but c’est la vie.

Now that my parcel has arrived, I cannot wait to road test the eyebrow pomade! I heard so many good things about Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade and I want to see for myself if this is indeed something that will end my hunt for the perfect brow primper.

Tina Lee

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