What An Adventure: Puerto Princessa 2013

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So I’m still reeling over last weekend’s trip to Palawan. Despite the not-so sunny weather, the trip went on as scheduled and it was one of the best places I went to, like ever. I wasn’t able to bring my trusty camera but I did use my iPad, that explains why I couldn’t take pictures of the fish feeding thing we did on our second day. Anyhoo, I can’t upload all the pictures here so I made these collages instead. I tried arranging them to correspond to specific days as much as I could but my memory’s been a bit unreliable ever since so…

Here’s us arriving at Puerto Pricessa’s airport. The flight was delayed for 45 minutes and we were a bit bummed about that. But we got there safely around 8 in the evening and we were so, so tired.


But instead of hanging out the hotel room, we made a beeline to Kinabuchs restaurant, which happens to be only a stone’s throw away from where we were staying! We had huuuuuge pusit, bulalo steak and eggplant salad for dinner.


On our second day, we were scheduled for the underground river tour. I was pretty excited about this trip because I know the subterranean river is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and is Puerto Princessa’s main tourist spot. Morning weather’s good enough that we snapped a couple of great pictures! It was a long ride going there, around 2 hours drive to steep mountain side roads. 


The skies were pretty overcast throughout the morning and mid-noon and it rained heavily during our turn to the underground river tour. I was literally soaked in both rainwater and bat pee. Heh.


On the third day was the island-hopping tour, which was our favoritest amongst all! We went to three islands, Luli island, Starfish island and Cowrie island. My favorite is the Cowrie island because the sand was very fine while the boyf loved Luli the best. The weather got so bad during the afternoon that we had to ride the boat straight through the rain clouds! We were together with a nice Korean couple, Sebastian and Vivian and lawrd, they loved the rough seas! My boyfriend was terrified because he kept thinking I’d be thrown overboard or something while I, unsurprisingly, fell asleep on his shoulder.

I know. It’s a sickness. Here’s a great collection of pictures from that day. If you notice, my face is positively moon-shaped because I’ve been eating carbs for almost three days straight.

image image

After the tour we feasted on super fresh fish grilled to perfection, grilled liempo, ensaladang itlog na maalat and ripe mangoes for dessert.


Later  that night, we dined at Kalui, a by-reservation only, fine dining resto of sorts at the outskirts of downtown. The pictures, unfortunately, did not do justice to the decor and the food. The interior decor is very classy and all customers are required to walk barefoot. We left our slippers at the entrance.


Once we were seated, we were presented with the menu, which wasn’t very extensive so if you love variety, this resto isn’t for you. We got the special for the day plus a side order of buttered shrimps and feasted on: rolled fish in coconut milk, lobsters, pan-fried tuna in butter, breaded eggplant with special sauce and the shrimps. I can’t even describe how sublime the food was at Kalui’s. It’s one of those places that are best experienced rather than described because words just fail you, you know?


Finally, rounding up the trip was a short trip to the souvenir mall. We didn’t really buy much because we focused on eating and sight seeing, we were definitely not there for the damn souvenirs. Here’s the last set of pictures, heading back to the city.


It was definitely a trip of a lifetime and I want to thank my boyfriend for taking care of me while we were there and letting me experience Puerto Princessa! Best boyfriend of the decade!

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