Weekend At The Diamond Hotel

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… well, technically not the weekend, but the end of. As of writing this, I am working on a nice marble desk at a nice hotel somewhere here in Roxas BLV. As much as I love the rock I currently lived under, my boyfriend dragged me to Diamond Hotel because his older brother is attending a conference of sorts and for some reason, scored free stays at both Sofitel and Diamond Hotel. Rather than leaving the latter unused, he had his little brother and I stay here for three days.

I know a lot of people who love staying at nice hotels but not I. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally appreciative of the gesture and the digs are super fabulous but for a classy hotel with multi-national customer base, the limited wi-fi thing they have going on is the pits! You are only allowed to connect one device and since I take my work anywhere, it has to be my laptop. Couldn’t connect every other mobile devices I have.




You know, as glamorous as “staying in a hotel” sounds like, it’s hardly ever that glamorous especially if you are doing it in your own country, know what I mean? I mean, yeah the lobby is fabulous with the giant Christmas tree, the bar looks like an awesome place to pass time and our room is actually pretty damn nice, but I spend the better part of the day alone (the boyfriend is off working, of course) and I get bored so easily. At least in my own place, I have access to unlimited internet ya know? But it’s pretty cool here, we went to Sofitel the other night and as impressive as the facade was, the room isn’t all that great.


We also have a sick view of the city and the bay in all its smoggy, murky glory. I usually just sit here, work then watch the tube all day long. At night, the boyf and I would would take short trips to nearby eats and we get to see these leggy prostitutes in action, hahahaha! It’s the most curious thing, seeing prostitutes for the first time. Of course, I couldn’t oggle but I sneak glances every now and then and they’re pretty, these hookers.

The thing that I like about this little staycation is the buffet. Because it’s free. Free food is always awesome. Unfortunately, I may have gained ten pounds by now. Le ugh.


On the night of last day of stay, we sauntered back to Sofitel where we joined the rest of boyf’s family. Sofitel’s a bit swanky and it’s situated on a sprawling property full of lighted trees. The dancing lights are so beautiful at night. I hate Manila with a passion but Roxas BLV is definitely worth visiting. Oh, check out the cool view from our balcony 🙂 I didn’t take bedroom pics because the room was in chaos when we got there.


Morning after, we went to the breakfast buffet and the food is so much better than the buffet at Diamond Hotel. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to enjoy it fully because I don’t eat breakfast. This means I usually don’t have an appetite until way past lunch. It’s too bad because they have a nice selection of cheeses, cold cuts, and global cuisine. Le ugh. That being said, I did enjoy the whole hotel staycation thing. Still not a fan, it’s not something I would invest money on but this was a nice way to break the monotony.

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IMG_5995[1] IMG_5988[1]

And so now I’m back home and I’m gearing up for a coffee date with old friends tonight and on the weekend. Life’s good, despite all the misery that November brought I am still thankful for all the blessings and extremely excited at what the rest of 2013 has to bring.

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