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I had such a strange conversation with an old friend/colleague last night. It was the night before he’s set to marry his longtime love and the tone of the conversation really put me in a somber mood. Well, not to go into detail but the topic has something to do with growing up and moving on. I’ve been feeling old these past few days and this particular conversation resonated with my conflicted feelings over “growing up”. It’s not that I refuse to grow up it’s just that I’ve been feeling quite melancholic lately about all the things I lost.

Meh. Anyway, I went to a couple of weddings this month and it was quite a thrill since I love dressing up. I have been driving the boyf bonkers with all the fussing over the makeup, the shoes, the dress blah, blah, blah. I love every moment of it, if not for the fact that I am forced to socialize with other people. I’m socially awkward, I hate all the small talks man.

IMG_5700[1] IMG_5707[1] IMG_5704[1] IMG_5723[1] IMG_5691[1]IMG_5718[1]

Wedding number 1 was for the boyf’s friend. I couldn’t find a good dress so I wore a blue number I keep for such moments. I bought this a couple of years ago and it still fits me. The shameless selfie on the 5th  photo is to show my makeup, I thought I did a fine job at it considering I messed the eye makeup really bad. I had to redo it, hahahaha!

Wedding number 2 is something I am totally excited about because it’s my longtime friend, Beni, getting married to Ila. I’ve known both couple since I started working at iWeb and I have seen their romance “blossom” into what it is now 😀 I picked up a blush number by Dorothy Perkins and while it’s a bit ill-fitting around the shoulder area (I have mutant huge shoulders), I like the overall pa-demure effect of the dress. I paired it with a nude Aldo heels which totally punished my feet but it’s okay, I felt taller than my boyfriend, hahaha!

IMG_5804[1] IMG_5837[1] IMG_5846[1] IMG_5839[1] IMG_5828[1] IMG_5841[1]

My only regret is I never got a decent outfit picture, it’s shallow I know. But I rarely wear dresses and I feel like I should document each moment because my grandkids need to know their nana wasn’t that much of a fashion trainwreck!

I got the chance to catch up with old friends at Beni and Ila’s wedding. It made me miss everything we had and sorta made me feel old (again!). Everyone’s off busy doing their thing and over the years, we lost touch. But moments like these remind us why our group simply “clicked” to begin with.

Anyhoo, my dear Beni has grown up *tears* and he looked quite dashing! To me, he’ll always be the guy I exchange dick jokes with, the one that hides from everyone (me) to eat his dark chocolate in peace (because he knows I’d like to break off a piece of that) and the guy who totally captured Paeng’s heart (his real better half as far as we’re concerned!), hahahaha! the guy’s the pork to my chop, what can I say?

Gosh, I hate missing everyone.

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