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You know what would complete my life? A really expensive watch. Preferably a Philip Stein watch. Teehee.


Or this super cute TechnoMarine watch. Perfect cuz I’m a Pisces! But at this point in time, I could think of better ways to spend 50 grand.

I’m a watch nut, btw. I think every person should own at least one expensive watch, not necessarily a Rolex.  For those who have very deep pockets, you should invest on a great watch! They make great accessories and unlike el cheapo watches, they can last practically a lifetime, with proper care! Mind you, I have nothing against cheap watches. In fact, I used to have a pink Fossil watch and a retro Casio watch (because it’s uso, lol) plus two Guess? watches (which I never wear anymore since they ran out of batteries, hahahhaha!). But nothing feels as luxurious as a weighty, super expensive watch on your wrist, amiright?

The best watch I have so far is a Celine watch, which was gifted to me by my sister cuz she knows how much I love the feel of fine jewelry rubbing against my skin, heeeheee I appreciate fine engineering. Plus I got super inggit when my cousin bought a Philip Stein watch. Maybe this is her way of shutting me up, hahahah!

Hay nako, I swear if I managed to buy everything I want by the first quarter of the year (iPad mini, Rayban aviator shades and a Hello Kitty Instax mini 25 camera), I’m going to save my monies for at least a Technomarine watch.

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