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Timing is everything. It will either make or break you. The unfortunate strings of events these past couple of months made me realize how important good timing really is.

I just realized that I just lost an earring. Apparently this day won’t give me a break. Good thing I have a few tricks up my suddenly-unemployed sleeves. A friend of mine introduced me to the wonderful world of posting ads at a job-seeking website. It wasn’t much but I need to act quickly because it seems like the shit keeps getting deeper and deeper.

So there, I took his advice and posted an ad, not entirely optimistic that someone would actually answer it. Well less than a day later, someone did. A guy from Georgia named Javier. He wanted to hire me to do a bunch of SEO-friendly posts and some other stuff. In his email, he stressed that he is looking for an honest and loyal person for the job. Well, gee. Aren’t we all? If there’s one thing recent events taught me, it’s that good clients are extremely hard to come by. Every client wants someone reliable and competent. But what about us? We want the same thing. A client who won’t treat his employees like used tampons.

Bitter much? Hehehe.

I was wary about accepting his offer because it was so… sudden. However, I was not really in any position to say no so I might as well explore this opportunity. He sounded legit though I can’t trust myself to really go all out. It’s not like anyone would blame me. We all know how trusting perfect strangers worked out, right? I’ll be damned if I get screwed over by another American on the same fucking week. But I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt because it’s not his fault that I’m in such a mess.

The job is interesting in the sense that it would give me a rare chance to learn the seemingly-complicated art of Search Engine Optimization. All my friends are into this shit and maybe I should be to.

I was supposed to talk to him about the project this morning but wouldn’t you know it, my laptop acted out. Here’s a real chance for salvation and of all the days, it chose this one moment to go down the fucking shitter. It’s frustrating because I was thisclose on clinching the deal. I made a hurried explanation about my problem and hauled my ass to the nearby service centre to have it checked. I didn’t really mean to look like I’m unprofessional or unreliable but this device right here, is the only thing that can rescue me from this un-ending clusterfuck. I will not have it broken. It must not be broken.

After a few hours of more waiting, it was working fine again. Unfortunately my client wasn’t online anymore. So now I’m thinking that there’s a dim chance that I may have lost the gig. But let’s leave that revelation for tomorrow.

I was just talking to my sister about this thing and I told her that maybe I’m better off working in an office. I never expected that home-based work would be just as stressful as working in an office. I expressed my desire to go back to the city and as soon as the words “but there’s no reason for me to go back yet since nobody is calling me about my application”, my phone rang. It was so freaky.

The call was an invitation for an interview from yet another company I don’t remember sending application to. I’m just glad I have other options now.

Since I’m suddenly arrested with loads of idle time, I amused myself by watching the much-hyped State of The Nation Address. Usually I make it a point to skip this annual event but since it’s PGMA’s last hurrah before election comes swinging by, I wanted to hear what she has to say for herself.

As usual, it’s all a bunch of lies but when you come to think of it, that’s basically the foundation of Philippine Politics. Deception, Greed, Corruption and Extra-judicial killings. That’s PGMA’s legacy.

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