The Wait For the Perfect Phone

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Christmas is just 15 days away, who’s excited? As for me, I decided to give myself an early Christmas gift, a much needed one at that, an iPhone 6!

iphone 6

Despite not using an iPhone before, I have a couple of Apple products so I know quality-wise, the brand is great. I wasn’t even tempted to get an Android because I know that some brands offer really crappy quality and if I’m spending a lot of money on a mobile phone, I’d rather splurge and know it’ll serve me well for years.

And just to illustrate how banged up my old phone was, behold:

Photo 12-6-14, 7 21 54 PM

I used that baby for four years and dropped it so many times I lost count. Still works. Blackberry makes ’em like tanks.

I was supposed to get the iPhone 5s, this was way back when the iPhone 6 wasn’t announced yet. But now that iPhone 6 was launched (less than two months ago) and is now available here in PH, I got one!

I chose the¬†iPhone 6 in Gold and it’s so so so sexy. Though a little too big for my liking. I think iPhone 5s’ size is perfect for me, I can put it in my jeans no problem. But this one, I have to put it in my bag because my jean pockets cannot accommodate the size.

But get this, there seems to be a short supply of iPhone 6 in PH, can you believe that? And they say we’re a third-world country. I literally scoured stores after stores looking for an iPhone. I came to a point where I considered getting the iPhone Plus instead despite its ginormous size. Eventually, I found an authorized dealer and snapped up this baby just in time.

Photo 12-5-14, 3 18 40 PM

I also got a Spigen slim armor in pink because let’s be real, girlfriend’s got butterfingers. I’d go nutty if I dent this thing right here.

Well, so far things have been great. My only gripe is that I’m having trouble syncing my Gmail into the native Mail folder and now I’m forced to use a third-party app to access my account. Meh.


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