The Skinny On Travel Rewards Credit Cards

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Not all travel rewards cards are created equal. If you are on the look out for a travel rewards credit cards with no annual fees, it is best to consider the types of rewards you are likely to spend a lot on. For example, if you love to obtain certain discounts on hotels or on airfares, get a card that offers point system, which you can redeem at particular dates.

When choosing the right travel credit cards, it is crucial to determine exactly how much money you are bound to spend or put on the card. If you do not plan to charge much on travel cards, you will have a difficult time accumulating enough points or miles, especially if your travel rewards card has an expiration date for redemption.

Before you reach the reward level that you want, you need to assess your own travel and spending habits to determine how much you will have to spend. To give an example, if you want to amass around 25, 000 miles or points before you can get the rewards that you want, think how long it will take you to earn all these points. Make a rough estimate of how much money you need to spend to reach this number.

Additionally, you need to go for travel credit cards that provide flexibility and freedom in terms of earning and redeeming the rewards. You do not want a card that impose too many restrictions or have several limitations because you might not be able to maximize your card at all. Some travel credit cards can only be used at specific establishments such as affiliated airlines or hotels. If you are unsure if your travel rewards card has its own restrictions, it is best to read the fine print or call customer service and ask further details.

Before you get your own rewards credit cards, you need to consider the following:

  • Determine your own travel habits
  • Figure out which places, shops or categories you can go or use to earn high rewards
  • Know if your card will earn you points on everyday purchases
  • The length of time it will take before you earn travel rewards
  • Determine if these points have expiration dates imposed
  • Learn the process of points redemption
  • Figure out the interest rates on purchases and balance transfers
  • Check if your card has annual or membership fees

Travel cards come in various offers and features. Some may offer discounted airfares, free hotel stays or VIP access to airport lounges. However, many cards offer additional travel services such as global travel assistance, rental and flight insurance, flight accident insurance, concierge services, etc. These services are great, as it not only makes travelling much easier; it also makes it safer and more convenient.

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