The Rings: They're HERE!

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Oh, happy days! After waiting for what felt like forever, our engagement ring and wedding bands are here! But first, a little insight:

I have nothing against traditions but personally, I find public proposals overrated. Of course, I’m also reclusive so maybe that’s the reason why I dislike the attention that a public proposal brings.

My fiance was disappointed when I told him I want none of that. When we agreed to get married, we did so by talking about it, setting the date, and planning everything. That includes the rings.

Now, I  have a very critical eye and particular taste. And as much as I love my fiance, his tastes don’t really jive with mine.

Wedding rings and engagement rings are the most important jewelry a woman will ever wear in her life. No, it’s not *just* a ring, it represents the relationship. 

If you fuck it up, the poor woman will be stuck with these rings forever. Worse, she’ll quietly resent the design eventually causing discord. So yes, an engagement ring is a big deal and not just for its price tag, but for what it represents.

I’ll be honest, I almost did not survive the waiting game but here we are, hahaha!

I know exactly what my dream engagement ring looks like: I wanted a round diamond with tiny  sapphires on the sides. I’ve always been fond of sapphires and I wanted to incorporate the stone into my engagement ring.

Also, the stones have to be natural, no lab made nonsense, I want the real thing. Not earth friendly, I know, but this ring is everything to me and all details must be right.

I tried being sneaky, nudging the fiance to the right direction: giving pictures of my dream engagement ring to my best friend in case the boyfriend asks for tips. The pics that I shared with my best friend featured rings with blue sapphires as accent stones on the sides.

Initially, the boyf wanted to go for a princess cut center stone and I was like, “heyl naw.” A princess cut just isn’t practical for me (it snags a lot, it has sharp edges, and I’m a klutz) plus, I honestly dislike how it looks.

Because my fiance is smart (and he got tired of his ring ideas being shot down all the time XD), he let me design my own e-ring, saying he wanted me to “love everything” about it. Ladies, I lucked out, I know! I’m quite relieved that I was a part of the design process because I have plans of staring at my e-ring for the rest of my natural life. I must like what I see XD

TRIVIA: Traditionally, tri-stone engagement rings symbolize the “past, present, and future.”

My ering is kinda like a traditional tri-stone but not really in the sense that the side stones are smaller. I did this on purpose because I wanted the diamond to be the center of attention. With larger, competing side stones, the eyes will be drawn to the darker stones instead of the diamond.

Here’s my dream ring:




The boy did gooood! My goodness, she’s so exquisite in person! I love that the sapphires are not deep blue or almost black, the blue is still noticeable even under dim light.

The band is very slim, thinner than I expected but it made the ring so comfortable to wear. I usually remove my rings when I work because they bother me a bit but not this one!

As for the diamond, the boyf went for quality 🙂 The center diamond is a .51 carat VVS1 color I radiant cut diamond while the side stones are .010 carats (? each) blue sapphires. It came with a certification of authenticity and grade by the jeweler. The fiance been offered larger but poorer quality stones and he said no, he wanted fire and clarity 😀

FYI: VVS1 is just an inclusion away from IF or internally flawless. This means the stone I have has one to two inclusions or flaw. The cut gives off a spectacular light show! It sparkles like no other! I’m happy with his choice 😀 The diamond looks larger on my size 5 finger.

BTW, if you’re shopping for an engagement ring, the stone size isn’t everything, especially if the wearer’s hands are small. I have to admit, I initially wanted a larger stone but I didn’t want the boyfriend to go neck-deep in debt so I went with a half carat diamond.

I did lots of research (can’t you tell?) and found out that the larger the hand, the smaller the stone looks. So, .50 to .70 carat stones look perfect on 4.5 to 5.5 ring size.

Anyhoo, for the wedding bands, I’ve already made a lengthy post about the plain band, which is my second wedding ring. It’s a simple 2 mm white gold domed band in comfort fit. I think that means the band is completely filled in as opposed to having hollow portions on the inner.



The other wedding ring is a 2.5 mm white gold band encrusted with alternating natural sapphires and white diamonds (totalling .15 carats) in a half eternity setting. Gorgeous combination!


So, why did I choose the half eternity? I find that this setting is sturdier and more practical than a true eternity band. There’s no need to worry about losing or cracking a stone when you’re doing household chores or carrying stuff because the gems are set on the sides of the band. Here they are as a trio stack:



Finally, my fiance’s wedding band is a simple size 9.5 4mm  gold band with a tiny .03 carat diamond in the center. I love that our wedding bands don’t match but look great together, kinda like how different our personalities are but we work well as a couple, hahaha!



So, after a long process of picking the right jeweler, choosing the materials, stones, and whatnot, here’s a nice family pic of our set:photo-12-09-2016-11-04-48-am

All rings are done by Diamond Fire Manila, a boutique jewelry store located along Jupiter st. in Makati. Cherry (whom I think owns the joint) is such an easy person to work with. The rings turned out exactly how we wanted it. I highly recommend her store!

A tip when buying an engagement ring or any jewelry for that matter, always let the jeweler know about your set budget. I’ve seen some guys balking at the price of a certain ring and instead of working things out to fit their budget, they end up buying from a really shady store or settling for sims.

For instance, the sapphire and diamond-encrusted ring I wore here in this post costs PhP 49K in store. That’s way beyond our total budget for our set (bride and groom’s) and this is just one ring. Instead of settling for a different style, I asked Cherry what she can do at a certain price point. We talked it out, she came up with the results and we couldn’t be happier. So there you go, our wedding ring journey has ended, woot!



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