The Rings: Getting a Second Wedding Band

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Ever thought of getting a second wedding band?:D While I have the wedding set of my dreams, an extra band can’t hurt!

I had a lot of fun working with the fiance for our bespoke wedding rings and e-ring. But I realized that together, my set looks a little matchy-matchy for every day, plus, there are times when I don’t feel like wearing anything sparkly. So, I thought of adding a simple band to my set.

Of course, I know it is strange to want a second wedding ring but I did a little research and found out it’s fairly common.

Incidentally, our jeweler emailed us about the rings (cuz they just hit production) just as I was telling my husband-to-be about my plan. He was amused at the idea because he knew I was just looking for an excuse to get more rings, hahaha! Well, he’s not wrong.

So! To cut the story short, I got our jeweler to create an extra simple band. I just love options (and frivolous things). Both rings will be presented during the ceremony so there won’t be a main ring, both will be considered as the wedding band. As we say here in the PH, the more, the many-er!


Just like always, I knew exactly what I wanted: a simple and delicate white gold ring. I would’ve gone with gold but for the sake of my fragile mental health,  I went with the same metal as the rest of the set (the mismatched metal will bother me forever). All the rings will be engraved with “J+T 111216”.

My plan is to wear the simple band alone on most days. Since the second band is plain, it goes well with my rather unique engagement ring. I love that I can mix and match my set. I can wear the band alone, stacked with the sapphire and diamond wedding band, paired with my e-ring or all three together! Since my rings are slim, they still look dainty when stacked 😀

For reference, I wear a size 5 but I opted for 5.5 (in case my fingers get bloated). My e-ring and sapphire/diamond wedding band are about 2.5 mm in width while the plain one is 2 mm.


Do I recommend a second wedding ring? Well, that depends. If you’re like me who loves options or if you’re a sucker for stacked rings then by all means, get one. If you’re happy with a traditional set, then good for you!

I will say that not a lot of guys would be understanding of this decision, especially if the budget is stretched to its limit. My advice is, if you really want an additional ring, don’t include the extra expense to the total budget of the wedding unless your beau offered to pay for said ring. That’s not tacky, that’s being considerate.

If you want a cheaper ring, get one in silver, rhodium, or titanium. I actually considered picking something from Pandora (their rings are perfect for stacking) but decided against it because I read somewhere that mixing metals can cause damage to the jewelry. Most of Pandora’s rings are in silver (not sure if they sell gold, white gold, or platinum rings). Since the rings tend to rub against each other when worn, the material will wear away eventually. If one of the metal is softer, it will sustain more damage from friction. Not sure if this is true, but just to be on the safe side, I went for the same material.

Do I think getting 2 bands is a little excessive? Somewhat, yes. A second wedding ring isn’t really a necessity but I’m not gonna tell you how to spend your monies.

My only problem now is waiting for my set to finish! We were supposed to pick up the rings on the last week of August but because I added another ring, the schedule was moved to the second week of September, le ugh. It feels like I’ve been waiting forever, my ghad! I can’t wait to get my grubby paws all over the rings and stare at them for hours (which may also entail posting gratuitous ringfies here, hahaa!) So yes, please pray for me while I wait for my rings, huddled in a corner, dying on the inside.

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