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As a lover of all things sparkly and girly, working on the wedding bands, to me, is the most exciting part of prepping for the wedding. And because I’m a control freak, I pretty much took over the entire preparations, including where to get the wedding rings.

So, my engagement ring features two natural sapphires as an accent and I want my wedding ring to match this specific design. I also wanted to get the half eternity design because there is less risk of the precious stones being bonked when worn. Here is my preferred design:

Photo 09-02-2014, 11 47 49 AM

I specifically want a very dainty, slim band because I am quite petite and my fingers are, well, petite too! I truly hate chunky rings with a passion because they tend to make the fingers look like swollen sausages. Also, when you wash your hands often, the extra skin chunky rings cover will look icky so no. As for the husband-to-be, he wanted a simple gold band, which did not surprise me at all. For a wink of sparkle, he wanted a teeny tiny diamond in the center.

Our first stop were the jewelry shops at, of course, my happy place Mega Mall. The selection was amazing and the pre-designed sets were surprisingly affordable. My only gripe is that customization costs more and the extra charge is a huge jump from the pre-designed sets. I was not really surprised at the atrocious prices but I kinda wished things were a lot simpler, hahaha!

After combing through shop after shop, we decided to go for an independent jeweler. Initially, I chose Angeli, a jeweler based in Marikina. We discussed everything from the price to the payment method via Viber and everything went smoothly. That is, until we headed to the city to make it to our appointment.

Pardon me but I’ll totally go ghetto from here:

I don’t like badmouthing people because I’m from a family of entrepreneurs and I know how hard it is to please customers but lawrd almighty that woman Angeli put us through shit. Just to clarify, we’re no longer based in the city so we had to travel for almost four hours to make the appointment.I had to wake up at the break of dawn just to make that goddamned trip. Although we needed to get other things done, our schedule in the city was planned around said appointment.

And just when we’re 20 minutes away from the city, the woman called to say she’ll have to bump our meeting at a later time (three to four hours later than the agreed time) because she’s “meeting with another client.”

First off, are we not your clients also? Didn’t we just agree to set the appointment to pay off all the rings we will buy from you? Couldn’t you at least lie to us instead of saying you’ll meet some other client at the last possible minute straight to our fucking faces? Is this the kind of shitty customer service your clients deserve? You don’t go around wasting people’s time like that! Seriously, I could go on and on. My fiance and I felt totally disrespected.

UPDATE: I’ll be posting this Viber image here to show that we reminded Angeli about the appointment a few days before the event. On her FB page, she’s insinuating that we did not confirm the appointment, along with a half-assed apology. Hilarious, way to do business guys! Put the blame on your customers who did not do anything wrong, great job!

Photo 20-07-2016, 5 09 00 PM

Anyway, this setback dampened our already complicated plans so we literally spent the next 20 minutes of the trip making phone calls searching for other independent jewelers in the area. I was so pissed that I left a scathing review on her Facebook page to warn other customers.


In hindsight, I was glad the appointment got canceled otherwise we never would’ve discovered a better jewelry shop, Diamond Fire Manila. Moral of the story: always have a backup plan.

Cherry, whom I think is the owner of the cute little boutique store on Jupiter St. in Makati, personally assisted us in finding the right designs for the ring. It was hard explaining everything from scratch to Cherry because the deal with the other jeweler went shit but she listened as I discussed how I want the rings to look like, what stones to use, and so on. I also got to try different rings just to get a feel of the finished product. Check out the picks. WARNING: my unkempt cuticles may cause nightmares.

Photo 16-07-2016, 3 17 19 PM Photo 16-07-2016, 3 19 01 PM Photo 16-07-2016, 3 18 43 PM
Photo 16-07-2016, 3 19 01 PMPhoto 16-07-2016, 3 19 22 PM Photo 16-07-2016, 3 23 52 PMPhoto 18-06-2016, 5 06 40 PM

I can’t tell you how happy I was being surrounded by these beautiful sparkly rings, hahaha! Oh and no, those gorgeous diamond rings look nothing like my engagement ring, I will post my engagement ring once I receive the wedding band set sometime next month! I kenat wait homayghad!!!



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