Pregnancy Journey: The Home Stretch

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At 39 weeks pregnant, I was told by my OB that I could give birth anytime. But since I’m a control freak, I told her that I’m willing to wait until the first of September – about a week away – because I want Rocky’s birthday to not feel “off.”

If you know me then you know how I feel about dates. Damien’s birthday was supposed to be on December 15, 2018, just like I planned it because 12-15-18 felt *soothing* to me. But because I got talked into giving “natural birth,” a try, his birthday got delayed by a day. That bothered me ever since. But whatever.

Here’s Damien

I totes asked Rocco to stay in my tumtum just a little bit longer so we could make it to the first, which will be two days from now! We’re almost there!

40 Weeks Pregnant

I just hit 40 weeks of pregnancy and man, I’m so relieved. I almost forgot how everything hurts when you’re in the later parts of the pregnancy. The pregnancy pains are so much different this time around, btw. Pelvic pain is so much worse now and I read that it’s because the bones that loosened during the first pregnancy were not “tightened” the way they used to.

I noticed that I’ve become more bloated this time around. I swear my cankles were not this bad when I was pregnant with Damien. I’m heavier this time around only because I was overweight when I got pregnant but I only managed to gain less than 30 pounds this time versus whopping 45 pounds last time. I thought that was an improvement!

I got more migraines this time around too. Didn’t take any meds for that because I felt it’s safer that way. I am always, always tired and sleepy all the time now. Hyperpigmentation was so bad this time around too. From my neck right down to my pits, there’s zero gradience between my fair skin and my pregnancy skin. I literally look like a dalmatian, don’t laugh. I see laser treatment in my future, jujuju!

I’m supposed to take a month-long break but because I got paranoid about the virus and the competition being stiffer these days, I’ve decided to cut my maternity leave to a mere 2 weeks. I know, I’m a workaholic. But everyone’s been working from home these days and I cannot help but feel like my market’s starting to dwindle. I won’t stop managing the shop as well because that doesn’t really take much effort. So basically, I won’t stop working, is what I’m trying to say, hahahaha!

This will be my last pregnancy BTW, I’ll get the snip snip after giving birth. I know I’ll regret this at some point in the future but for now, raising a child is financially, emotionally, and physically draining, much more raising two. I feel like I’d lose my mind if we had another one and we do not see this happening at all so might as well accept the finality of it. Husband’s onboard of course. I love my sons, they’re precious to me, but lawrd, I **hated** getting pregnant.

Pregnancy in Time of COVID-19

It was challenging to be in this position in the middle of a health crisis and believe me, it was hard to choose a hospital. As much as I’d like to go to a nicer hospital, we’re not in the city so we have to work with what we have. Hopefully, things will go smoothly, just like last time. Also, we’re so lucky that the pregnancy is very healthy, we never had any reason to go to the doctor for emergencies.

Anyhoo, we’re pretty much ready to go at this point. The crib’s ready, all the essentials are already, hospital bags are waiting in the car, etc. Tomorrow, we’ll drive to the hospital to book a CS, and then we’re ready to bring life to the world, one last time.

Wish me luck!

Tina Lee

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