The Brow Connection: Doing The Ombre

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My brows used to bad and it never occurred to me to fix it. Now I’m a total eyebrow fiend and I do my brows everyday. I feel a wee bit nekkid if I don’t!

I love strong, bold brows any day but it’s not as versatile. And my technique has been real crappy until now. I’ve done my brows so many times, using different products, that I actually came across a great system to create a fabulous ombre effect.

As you can see from the pictures, I managed to make my brows look natural yet structured and totes defined. The great thing about this technique is it literally lengthens the staying power of all products used here. I already told you how disappointed I was with MUFE and how Anastasia’s Dip brow, though so much better than MUFE’s, still faded patchily on me after 7 hours of wear. Using this technique, the brows looked freshly applied even after the 9 hour mark! It’s awesome!


How I did it?

The secret is a brown eyeliner. Yes, brown not brow eyeliner, and not the expensive kind too! I’m sure this isn’t an original idea or anything but I don’t see this technique anywhere in the MUA videos I watch on a daily basis. Believe it or not, I didn’t even had to use concealer to even out the edges on this one, I just mapped out the tail of my brows using a good brown eyeliner and filled everything in! Now just to give you a look at what my naked brows look like, here’s a before and after pic:



How I defined brows with ombre effects that wear like iron? I used:

Make Up Forever Aqua Brow Corrector in 15

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Ebony

Face It Waterproof Eyeliner in Brown


Angled brow brush


Step 1: Assuming that you have groomed and trimmed your brows, take your brown eyeliner and map out  the tail of the brows only. Start by lining the bottom of the brow and go halfway through the top of the brow, just like this:


Step 2: Using the MUFE aqua brow corrector start filling in the brows. Apply with a light hand on the first section of the brows, the area nearest to the nose bridge, gradually increasing in intensity towards the tail of the brow. Blend the harsh lines created by the mapped out tail and make sure not to go over the edge otherwise you will mess up the definition of the tail!

Step 3: Layer the Anastasia BH dip brow pomade on the second section of the brow right to the middle. Again, blur any harsh lines and make sure you don’t fill in over the edge you just created. And voila, you are done!


Here’s me with a classic cut-crease eye makeup and defined brows 🙂 Super easy and it literally stay on for hours!


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