The Boyf's Birthday 2014 Edition

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I’ve been focusing heavily on my upcoming beach vacation that I have forgotten to post more bits and pieces related to my boyfriend’s birthday! Last year, I got him a his own XBOX console and this year, I got him his first G-Shock watch. Behold:


My boyfriend insists on getting this terribly trashy orange or purple combo thing which was so hideous, I had to step in and meddle. Being a massive watch fiend myself, I always go for classic, wearable pieces that looks great in any occasion. And since we’re talking G-Shock and all its blinding colorways that do not make sense to me, I went for this cool purple/midnight blue/black combo. It’s eye-catching, tasteful and it represents what G-Shock is all about, fun designs.

birthday salubong

Weeks before his birthday, I was spending most of my time in Tarlac because my sister is Kuwait-bound real soon and I wanted to dedicate as much time as I could being there with the family. I came back to the city on the night before his actual birthday. After we got the watch (which he wore immediately, as you can see from the picture above), I treated the boyf to a steak dinner at House of Minis (we went there last year too so we’re doing our own little traditions here), as a post-Valentine slash birthday treat:


Then we spent the rest of the night waiting for his birthday and predictably, I slept right through it, hahahahah! Signs of aging, I tellz ya. Overall, I think everything turned out awesome and I’m extremely pleased that this year was one of the boyf’s best birthdays 😀 (not because of me ha, but because loads of goods things are finally coming together for the poor guy).

I’m writing this a day before my own birthday, cheers to getting old, being wisdomful and getting hella lot of wrinkles, hahahaha!

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