Press Release Sample: SYLO Technology Facebook Launching

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NOTE: This article was part of the content stolen (and published without consent under a different author) from yours truly by an ex-client: Steven J. Hammond or Steve Hammond (profile here) of Stealing is not cool, yo.

SYLO technology Launches Official Page on Facebook

SYLO Limited is announcing the launching of its official Facebook Page. The SYLO Technology’s Facebook page will feature the latest news, products, and marketing content to ramp up the company’s online presence

Leeds, West Yorkshire – SYLO Technology is launching its social media campaign by officially joining Facebook. The SYLO Technology fan page ( is designed to ramp up the agency’s online presence and improve user engagement.

The Facebook page is designed to provide up-to-date content about SYLO products, tech news, tips, and helpful buying guides to readers. It will serve as a platform for the company to publish useful content, including special offers and product launches.

SYLO’s Facebook page is tied up to other SYLO social media platforms including Twitter (@SYLOTechnology), Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It will be a part of the company’s initiative to expand the use of social media to strengthen customer relationships globally, market the SYLO brand, and promote information sharing.

SYLO Technology’s Facebook page features facts about the company, fresh tech news, special promos, press clips, upcoming activities, and other exciting content. Readers from all over the world can also connect with other users, share information, and interact with the SYLO team in a completely new way.  The SYLO Technology Facebook page also comes with an online store. From this section, readers can purchase all SYLO products, including portable batteries.

SYLO founder and director Steven Hammond extend his appreciation to customers who liked and followed SYLO Technology’s new Facebook page. Together with the rest of the SYLO Team, Hammond is looking forward to welcoming customers to the page over the coming weeks and months.

For more information, contact _________ at +44 808 189 3435, email at: _________ or visit SYLO (Let’s Make a Difference) website at:

About SYLO Limited

SYLO Technology is a consumers electronics and design firm based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The company is focused on developing intuitively designed gadgets and accessories as well as providing the latest tech news. SYLO Limited makes power portable through its bestselling power bank range.

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