Summer Makeup El Nino Style

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Summer’s in full swing here in the tropics. And it’s especially scorching this year with El Nino and all FML. Time and again, I have expressed my disdain for sunny weather. I like sunny weather don’t get me wrong. But if it’s 39 degrees and it’s humid as fuck, everything’s sticky and I just can’t stand it.

And so, one has to adjust his/her makeup routine. How do you wear makeup and not get all cakey in this heat? It’s tricky, I know. For me, it’s summer time when I ditch all kinds of liquid products except for sunblock and primer. I want to keep the layers in bare minimum because the last thing I want is to accidentally touch my face and feel the stickiness. Ew, no.

I busted out two things from MAC, my Studio Fix foundation powder and the Blot powder. I’m usually an NC30, but I have a tan right now so NC35 is what I use. For the Blot powder, I’m a medium. These products are my go-to in hot, humid climate. As long as you don’t overapply, your makeup won’t be cakey.

Photo 4-23-15, 6 11 09 PM

I start with a clean face and spread a generous layer of sunblock. Usually, my skin isn’t dry during the summer so I don’t use any moisturizer. If I did my foundie will slip and slide. My sunblock is hydrating enough but if you have dry skin you have to prep the skin properly.

I wait for a couple of minutes for the sunblock to dry down then dot the primer. I use a primer sparingly. I just apply the product on areas where I have large pores, which is basically the entire inner face, hahaha! After primer, I start concealing. Now, my usual routine is foundation before concealer but since I’m using a powder foundation, I feel that my concealer works better when applied before it.

Photo 4-23-15, 6 13 40 PM

After concealing all the brown spots, freckles or pimple scars, I get a buffing brush, then work the powder foundation. I do so in thin layers because 1) I don’t want to mess my concealer and 2) don’t want to overdo it and look cakey.

Photo 4-23-15, 6 11 38 PM

Once I’m done with the foundation, the face is spot free but somewhat flat. So with a bronzer, I bring color back to the cheekbones and hairline. I also apply bronzer on the jawline to slim down my face. Yes, I contour my face every day. It’s an essential step for me, hahaha!

Photo 4-23-15, 6 13 02 PM

After the base is done, I start the usual routine: brows, eyes, cheeks, lips – in that order.

Photo 4-23-15, 3 12 02 PM

Photo 4-23-15, 6 14 36 PM

Photo 4-23-15, 6 15 12 PM

I usually wear light eye makeup in neutral tones, but I’m feeling this look 🙂 It photographs really well! I contoured my eyes with a cool-towned brown, patted bronze eyeshadow all over the lids and lower lids. Then, finished up with a deep aubergine powder liner. Everything from Smashbox!

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