Summer 2014 Chapter 2: A Beachin' Good Time

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It’s the first week of summer and my friends, beau and I headed to the beach to celebrate! The last time I was at the beach was four months ago in Hundred Island, Pangasinan. We were left somewhat disappointed by the rocky beaches. The view was nice though but there was no warning that the place was just there so people can take in the sights, not necessarily to swim in the seas. So, we planned a really long (and much needed) vacation in Zambales so we can swim in the beach to our heart’s content. I went back to one of the beaches that I really fell in love in, Potipot Island.

On Our First Day: Potipot Bound

I’ve been to Potipot Island (based in Candelaria, Zambales) three times before and the last time I was there was five years ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect to be quite honest. I was afraid the island got so commercialized, it does not look like the pristine beach I knew years before. Fortunately, except for several huts, dedicated trash cans and a (filthy) bathroom, the beach remained the same. For those curious, the five-minute boat trip to and fro the island will set you back PhP450 at Dawal Beach Resort.

Not sure if there are any cheaper fare available since this has been the set fee at that specific resort. You will pay an additional PhP100 per head for the environmental fee once you arrive on the island. The Potipot beach is gorgeous, it’s super clean and there’s no fishy smell at all. The white sand is powdery and there’s absolutely no rocky area to worry about. It’s the perfect vacation spot for those who love the beach but not much for the nightlife.

On the second day we went to the beach, we headed to Bahay Bakasyunan Resort in Iba, Zambales. I loved the resort because it’s new-ish and the pool is amazing! Like crystal clear water that’s not drowned in chlorine so it doesn’t hurt the eyes. Granted, I piled on so much sunscreen (SPF 130, no less), that my eyes were pretty much shut all the time, hahahaha!

Both days were perfect for the beach, it was sunny during noontime but slightly overcast beyond so you can lounge around the sun and the sand without burning. I loved the beach at Bahay Bakasyunan as well but my gripe is, there’s no cottage near the shore to leave your stuff or even to chill out. It’s either you go there for a swim then head back to the comforts of the resort to avoid the punishing heat or just wait until the sun is no longer as strong. Such a shame because the beach is quite nice (though reeks of a strong fishy smell after swimming).  The rest of our stay we spent exploring the mountains and stuffing our faces with food XD

Now that I’m back to the daily grind, I’m still hung over our vacation and already, we are planning to return by the year’s end or maybe in summer 2015. The boyf and I planned to go to the beach at least twice every year and our next beach getaway will be in Boracay in June. Here’s to hoping it won’t be raining cats and dogs then!

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