Summer 2014 Chapter 1: Getting In Touch With The Wild

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I revisited one of the Zambales’ best-kept secret, Potipot Island in an almost 5-day stay at Cerana Farms, my friend’s dad is the owner of the property. And because internet connection does not exist between two mountains, it was also a great way to detox from technology and the “hustle and bustle” of city living.

I wanted this post to commemorate the first days of summer 2014 but I realize, I want to discuss more about the farm. My friend’s dad is a passionate farmer who cultivated the land not just to make profit off it but because he really believes in living in an eco-friendly environment.

The guy is so into experimenting, he made white wine out of seaweed, made red wine out of some unknown plant I never even heard of and he makes everything from jams to soap to VCO massage oil and god-knows-what-else using all organic raw materials. The farm, which was located in a Valley somewhere in Zambales, is a glorious sight! It’s full of happy animals, friendly staff and fantastic flora.

With my friend’s dad’s generosity, we were able to learn more about the creativity, ingenuity and the passion to develop, manufacture and promote locally-made products that’s really, really innovative. The farm is not only helping promote awesome products, it’s been a main source of livelihood for locals.

So to sum up, it was a great experience seeing Zambales in a whole new light. It was a fantastic vacation with friends and this is probably one of the most fun birthday celebrations I had in a long while. Through this post, I hope to extend my heartfelt thanks to my friends and his dad for welcoming us to his home!

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