Strange Night

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*Written in 2011*

I was just about wrapping up the night when an old friend of mine asked me to join him at a nearby bar. I haven’t seen him for well over a year so might as well ignore my personal rules of not going out at the dead of the night without anyone to accompany me and catch up. This supposed meeting has been cancelled several times and I really didn’t think we’d actually set a date to meet up. But you know what they say, if you plan shit, it won’t happen. Be spontaneous and thing are bound to happen. And it did. A spontaneous invite to the local bar. Fuck, being single rocks. And no, I’m not sarcastic at all, I mean it.

The thing is, we have very little in common so there’s not much to go on. But I feel that at this point in our lives, we may have, I daresay, grown up quite a bit. I have to admit I was expecting him to be his usual flirty, self-absorbed, arrogant self but it seems that boys do grow up. I think, for once, homeboy got straightened out by the girlfriend. Miracles do happen, apparently.

Of course there were certain instances throughout the night when we made each other talk about stuff we’d rather not talk about but did anyway. Apart from that and the sudden invite, it was a strangely pleasant experience.

I also took the time to apologize for drunk IM-ing him after my last relationship went kaput. I have no excuse. I was in a bad place and I should’ve known better than to pester people with my shit, especially one that is on vacation overseas. Obviously, it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. Never again, Goddamit.

Anyways, I did appreciate the fact that he tried to cheer me up that night. I thought he was actually the last person who can offer sensible advices but he somehow came up with several nuggets of wisdom without popping a vein.

We could’ve dated, he and I. We’ve always have this strange, indescribable attraction for each other. The attraction that lasted years. I have to say, I had a hand at it. I know he’ll always make stupid choices that I cannot possibly tolerate so I never gave it a shot. I never gave him a shot. Oh, well.

He fucked up just as we are about to go home though. Some things never change, I guess. He brought up a certain atraso, which he did during our junior year in college. The artraso was so bad; it is actually the reason why I never took him seriously as a person all these years. An atraso which he vehemently denied ever happening. Oh, well, you can’t win ‘em all.

Some might think this is not a strange night at all, but I rarely do things out of the ordinary and to me, going out at the dead of the night to hang out at the local bar with a guy I only see once every two years, after drunk IM-ing him days before, that’s strange to me.

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