#SYLOSUCKS: The Ending

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You remember how I went on and on about the whole #SYLOSUCKS issue last year (You can check out these posts here, here, and here)? I may have found closure.

No, Steve Hammond didn’t pay me but one of his ex-employees got in touch with me and revealed quite a number of information related to the issue’s aftermath. It was an enlightening conversation I have to say:

The issue was not about the payment that was never made  – let me be clear, I got over the fact that I was duped a long time ago. I am not expecting to be paid at all, especially now that it’s been a year since the issue started. It was the fact that the unpaid posts were posted under a different author and published without consent that I have issues with:

Let me also stress that Steve Hammond took down the posts 2 months after I found out that my articles were published. That means, the moment I lost contact with the guy, I didn’t know my work was posted for two whole months. The damage was already done. Kudos to my coworker for having the decency to get the author name dropped.

I deleted some parts of the convos because they were sensitive information. Below, my former co-worker said she thought I got paid after ranting about the issue online:

We had a long conversation and it made me feel better. At that time, we were an all-Filipino team and weirdly enough, I felt betrayed that none of them helped, none reached out. It was silly, thinking that because I’m pretty sure I was being selfish, they have their own problems.

Anyhoo, yes, all questions since this dramz started have been answered. Still feeling pissed about my stuff being stolen but at some point, I need to let this go. Thanks to you, my dear, for filling me in. Let’s hope no freelancer would be duped by this scammer ever again. To you, Steve Hammond, I cannot wait for karma to slap you where it hurts.

And to freelancers out there, always keep the convos so if things go awry, you have all the receipts. Now let’s get back to all things bright and sunshiny!

Tina Lee

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