Starting a Zoya Nailpolish Collection

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My website feels a little abandoned, isn’t it? I know I definitely disappeared for months but don’t worry, I’m still here!

I got a bit busier the past few months because I just had a baby (Rocky’s almost 10 months old!) and am managing a couple of family businesses with the hubs. That, and I have been juggling several writing jobs — I got my hands full, obviously.

Speaking of hands, I find myself regressing lately. I’ve gone back to gardening, I am enjoying getting my hands dirty, hahaha! That, and I decided to go back to getting my nails done on a regular basis.

I stopped getting my hands done when I had my first son simply because I was so busy thinking about shedding the baby weight lol Now that I have a second baby, I feel like I’ve been neglecting myself. My husband actually pointed out to me, that I tend to spend all of my time working and taking care of the kids and that I need to go back to my hobbies to relax.


While in quarantine, I missed having my nails done. After most businesses opened up, I decided to let go of my old nail tools and start a new collection. I started with a set of nail trimming tools by Mr. Green. I got the set at Lazada for PHP1600 or something. Love the quality!

I also bought several bottles of Zoya nail polish. I chose this brand because I’ve tried it back when  I was still in the city many moons ago and I remember how amazing the staying power was. The first time I bought these, I think I went for 7 bottles. I have 10-ish now I think and I bought the ones below yesterday:

L to R: Hudson, Maya, Clementine, Happi, Flora

So far, I tried Wendy, Tinsley, and Olivera. I LOVE Tinsley so far, the staying power is amazeballs! Olivera is a really unique color but not something I’d like to wear all the time. The color is exactly that of an oil slick, greenish with a dark base.  I like my nail polish bright and happy or glittery and festive. I bought Olivera because it’s unique but so far, not so crazy about it. It has the shortest wear too. Two days and already a chip.

I’m so excited to try Clementine and Hudson! I will be expanding my collection by adding more mauves and taupes real soon. Oh! And metallics, I LOVE GLITTERS!

Anyhoo, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Shall I tell you about my updated skincare routine? I will soon!

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