Spoiling Your Pets With Stylish Wicker Pet Beds

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Pet beds are designed to provide a comfortable sleeping area for your precious pet. While pet beds come in a wide array of types and designs, it’s the wicker pet beds that are becoming popular among pet lovers all over the world. Wicker pet beds are made with sturdy rattan or bamboo materials. These beds are very light yet just as durable as any other designer pet beds in the market. They come in different designs, sizes and are eco-friendly too!

Types of Wicker Pet Beds

Wicker pet beds come in various shapes but the most common are either the oval shaped baskets or the rectangular beds. These pet beds are typically chew-resistant, have no sharp edges are fitted with soft mattresses, cushions and even a blanket to keep sleepy critters warm and cozy as they sleep! The cushions and mattresses are made are removable, and washable.

Some types of wicker pet beds are equipped with hi-tech cooling and heating system to maintain a pleasant temperature during extreme weather changes. Such devices are usually made for pets with joint disorders. Dogs, in particular, often suffer from joint disorders and special care is needed to ensure pets are getting the rest they need despite their condition.

However, if you don’t have the budget for these über expensive pet beds, you can simply purchase a set of frozen or heated gel pads and insert them inside the cushions of the wicker pet beds in order to control the temperature.

Unlike other types of pet beds, wicker pet beds are very low maintenance. You just need to wipe off all the accumulated dirt, debris and pet hair and you’re good to go. For pet owners who want to personalize their wicker pet beds, you can also paint over it or dye it to any color in order to blend with your existing home furnishing as well as to decorate specific places around your home.

Factors to Consider When Buying Wicker Pet Beds

When it comes to buying your pet a bed, you need to consider two things, the breed as well as the size of the wicker pet beds.

Pet Breed

All pet breeds, dog or cats, exhibit different behaviors. Some pets would rather get their own wicker pet beds while others are happy sleeping on the floor. Observe your pet and determine whether it likes to sleep in a cozy bed, if your pet rather sleeps on the floor or if it prefers more space when sleeping. This way, you can gauge the size of the wicker pet bed you need, if you need one at all.

Age and Size

Pets should be able to get in and out of the pet bed easily and they should be big enough that they can move around it. In terms of age, if your puppy or kitten is from a larger breed, consider getting bigger wicker pet beds otherwise, a too-small pet bed may need to be discarded within only a few months of use.

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