Smart Product Packaging: Creating High Impact Product Packaging

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Whoever said “A brand is the sum of its details” is definitely right on the money. How you package your products says a lot about your business as a whole. How your product look and feel leaves an imprint to the minds of customers. A vital element in establishing brand image, packaging is your best chance to score a sale.


Because most purchases are done based on emotions, particularly for customers that are unsure about choosing which products to buy. IKEA, Apple and Google Nexus are just a few of the hundreds of companies that redefined their products through smart product packaging, which inevitably led to getting the edge they need to widen their market shares.

What makes packaging a crucial element in marketing is based on the perception that consumers compare products, remember and associate everything according to what they see, feel or know. This is a natural gift which allows us to categorize everything we see. You may not be aware of it but our senses generate an enormous amount of information from our day to day life. Certain studies show that consumers tend to respond more to brands that were able to reach out to them by engaging all senses.

For business owners, how you present your product through your brand engages your customers’ sense of sight and tact. Now, imagine enhancing the experience by targeting other senses as well, sound, taste or smell. You could be developing a million-dollar product!

A great example of how a brand’s packaging influence a customer’s buying decision is this: say you are standing in the middle of the canned meat aisle at your local grocer. There are cans upon cans of processed food staring back to you. Some are made by recognizable brands while others seem to disappear from your sight. You automatically reach for a product made by a popular brand, like say, Spam. Why? Usually it’s because you either love the stuff or you recognize that the packaging of the brand you trust. The packaging alone triggered the basis for customer loyalty.That’s the power of packaging.

No matter if we are associating a specific product through a commercial or by being referred by a friend, how a product is package will always make the first impression. When we come across a certain product, we tend to pay attention the most attention to the packaging colors, the layout and the presentation of the content. We access its performance through its packaging and this marks the beginning of the brand experience. Even the brand’s paper bag or shopper bag could influence customer perception of the brand as a whole.

From developing your packaging prototype to the final version, product packaging enhances your products’ saleability. By creating a cohesive approach to packaging your product, you can establish a powerful brand presence online and offline.

The Anatomy Of Product Design

A product package offers more than what meets the eye. It’s a visual representation of your brand’s personality. A distinct packaging helps draw attention to your product despite the crowded retail space (which was illustrated earlier in this post in an example). This makes packaging an effective marketing tool too.

Packaging is also a great way to spread useful information about your product as well as a means to put it into a specific category and its perceived value. How you choose specific colors could trigger an association to the brand, it differentiates your product to your competitors’ brand. Excellent packaging may be a powerful tool that could shift, or even change, customer behavior patterns.

Essentially, your packaging not only represents your product, it represents your business, as a whole.  World renowned brands like Apple. Apple started out as the underdog in the early 80s, second only to Microsoft. Today, it’s the number one consumer electronic brand in the world. The company has a checkered history but there’s no denying that it’s a market-leading brands to date.

One of the reasons why Apple differentiated itself from its competitors is the way they present each product. From highly anticipated product launches to the clean lines and simplistic designs of the products themselves, Apple products’ exude perfected technology in a sexy form factor. Its packaging is equally compelling too. It’s a perfect example of how one can create an impact in the market without all the frills. It’s also an example of how a product can create packaging that’s cohesive to the design of the product itself.

Design is synonymous to style and usability. It’s a mark that makes a product stand out beyond the seas of similar products of its kind. Physical differentiation is a critical part of marketing if you want your customers to identify your brand at a glance. Packaging also offers added value to customers, its perceived value is also likely to increase when its designs are extremely striking.

Effects of Changing Product Packaging OnOverall Sales

Changing the way you package your product not only affects how your customers perceive your products, it also has effects on your sales, the cost and the retail store placement of your brands. If the new packaging is not introduced to the consumers correctly, it could create confusion and even diminished sales later on. This explains why some of the most iconic brands always spend millions of dollars on promoting “new and improved” packaging. If you are thinking about changing your current package designs, it’s important to check how the new design will affect the overall saleability of your product. Here are tips on how to stand out amidst seas of similar products on the market:

Grab Attention, Win Market Share

If your product is lined in a shelf with competing products, how do you stand out? A great way to start is to be different, to grab attention. You can do this by changing the size or the shape of your product packaging. For instance, if say a competing product only offer big-sized containers, offer medium or small container as variants as well. This gives customers more choices and is likely to attract attention.


You can also use purchase incentives, such as discounts, bonus or content increase, to grab a large chunk of market share from competitors. Be creative, there are great ways to entice people into trying out your products by simply changing how you present them!

Checking Your Shelve Footprint

Say your product is packaging using a large box as a means attract attention. This could be a good thing and a bad thing. It could be a good thing because you do make a great impression on consumers. However, it can be a bad thing if the retailer needs more space from his shelves and your large box can fit two other products side by side. Most retailers tend to calculate the space a product takes up on the shelves because revenues are generated per square inch. So it pays to consider the size that both you and your retailers can agree on.

Packaging Graphics

In a lot of ways, the colors and the graphic you chose for your product packaging may elicit specific feelings or may convey marketing messages targeted for specific group of people. For example, children are always drawn to drawings and cartoons. Using cool graphics for kids’ products may help the chances of attracting the right people to your product. Red, yellow and orange are colors that may elicit excitement and are very striking. Fast food companies like McDonalds use red and yellow as their company colors because both colors are said to cause people to eat more.


Despite aggressive marketing, customers are always drawn to products that are priced competitively. Through smart packaging you can increase your profits by changing its perceived value. For example, offering products at slightly larger boxes than the competitors’ products, gives the impression that the content are valuable than others. It’s also perceived as better because it gives them a clear sense that they are getting more than they’re paying for.

Developing AProfessionally Looking Product Package

When it comes to selling products, presentation is everything. Regardless whether you are selling products online or offline, packaging is an important element of building your brand. It’s the first point of contact between the buyer and the product so make sure your product packaging makes a great impression. Below are tips to create a professional-looking product package:

Offer Clear Information: Most products require specific information on the packaging. Food stuff, for instance, needs an indication of its ingredients, expiration dates, business name and its contact information. You packaging should provide a glimpse of all important details relating to your product.

Check Out The Competition:In most businesses, there is a set standard for packaging size, shape and color. Two things, you can either revolutionize your packaging or improve the set standard for the packaging. The great thing about revolutionizing a set packaging is that you will stand out from competing products. However, the downside is, you might stand out for the wrong reason. A great example would be Tide, which created a detergent tablet with a packaging similar to candies. It wasn’t long before it was mistaken by kids as candies.

On the other hand, if you chose to improve on the set standard, note what competing products looks and find aspects of it to improve on. Be creative, don’t limit your research on products of competing brands, look for cool packages you love and figure out what makes them so attractive. The more you know about how certain products are packaged, the better the chances of creating the perfect package for your own products.

Customer-Based Package: Most times, what older people like may not necessarily be the case for teenagers. Therefore, it’s important to tailor your product package according to your customer base, if your target market is children, colorful packaging with cool prints or designs will work well. But whatever packaging you decide on, make sure you stick to it otherwise; jumping from one design to another will cause confusion among customers.

Distinct Details For Branding: Effective branding requires consistency in all marketing efforts, including how you present your product. Your product package should translate the overall brand of the company. Adding your company logo, the same color combinations and font type to the product packaging is one way to create consistency between the company and the product. Always look for distinct details that will appear on all branding tools to make them recognizable to consumers.

Go For Sustainability:Everyone’s going green, no reason why you shouldn’t do your part in helping to preserve the environment. You can either advocate the use of recycled materials for your product packaging or create reusable packaging! Creating reusable packaging has its own benefits. Aside from the obvious, which is to minimize waste, it’s also a great way to extend product promotion to a wider range of audience!

Investing On The Right Tools For Packaging Products

Having the right tools to package your products helps streamline the packaging process for faster, more efficient delivery.

Bubble Wrap Machine: For fragile products that need protection from physical impact, it pays to invest on bubble wrap machines. A bubble wrap machine is great for products that need extra protection during shipping and handling, like consumer electronic products, laptops, PC, etc.

Stretch Wrapping Machine: For products that need protection against moisture, then a stretch wrapping machine should come in handy. Books, magazines, comic books, electronics, etc., these products needs to be sealed and protected sufficiently during shipping otherwise; they will be left vulnerable to mishandling and moisture damage.

Case Sealers: Invest on case sealers, especially if your products are packaged in large boxes. Case sealers ensure all products remain tightly packed and protected against the elements that may otherwise damage it during shipping.

SLR Camera: Creating attractive product images on your website is an effective way to make a great impression on people. If you want to post certain products on your website, make sure you have the right tools to create compelling images. Using SLR cameras for product images makes for a great looking, professionally made product photos that are sure to impress customers.

Labeling Equipment: Selling breakable products? For sellers that offer very fragile products, invest in labeling machines so it will be handled with care during shipping. Labeling equipment may also be used to establish a strong brand identity. You can create customized boxes with your company logo to create a lasting impression on customers after delivery.

As a business owner, your responsibility over your products does not end at shipping. A good business owner will take responsibility to their products until the customers received the delivery. When you’re selling products online, you don’t worry about overhead expenses. So investing in the right packaging tools will make a world of difference to your business.


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