Simone’s Closet: My Experience Buying from an Online Seller

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I finally did it, guys! I finally bought my first maternity dresses. Granted, I could still fit into my old clothes… or as I say, my uniform. But the hubs and I went on a babymoon and I needed dresses that’ll fit this aging, expanding shell.

My uniform, basically.

Thanks to my weak knees, I can no longer wander aimlessly at the mall like I used to. I have to do most of my shopping online. I’ve searched high and low for great sellers that offer billowy dresses and went with Simone’s Closet, an online store that specializes in boho dresses as well as fabric accessories for kids and women. The store is owned by fashion blogger Denise Lunod and she’s been in the business since 2010.

Simone’s Closet: Ordering Online

Ordering the dresses was a straightforward affair. I just took a picture of the style that I wanted, slid into Denise’s DMs and specified the shade that I wanted. The style that I wanted was a bit too long for my smol 5’1 frame so the dresses have to be customized. Thankfully, customization won’t cost you extra, the price is still the same.

I got the “Ruffles Pocket Dress” and the style comes in different shades, including salmon and cobalt blue. It was the first time that I’m dealing with this seller but I wasn’t too worried because the store seems to have a great following.

I filled out an order form, submitted the form, and then settled the bill via bank deposit. There was a bit of waiting time in between these steps because the person who was taking care of my order (who turned out to be Denise herself) seemed to be juggling a lot of things like most young entrepreneurs.

Getting the Dresses

I got the impression that the dresses were only made once a client orders them.  I could be wrong but that’s how I felt. This did not affect the swiftness of the delivery, however. I ordered the dresses on a Wednesday and received the package on a Tuesday, which I thought was pretty impressive considering that the dresses were made by order and customized. The pieces were not on hand.

The dresses were delivered via LBC, which was nice. I buy so many stuff online these days that our local LBC delivery dudes know my address by heart, hahaha!

As for the quality of the dresses, it was great. The stitching seems strong. The length of the dress is still a tad too long although the length was something that I expected, being a hobbit and all. The fit is great, it’s comfy and loose. I’m not used to wearing these kinds of dresses because they kinda make me feel fat but at this point, that’s basically my reality.

The jersey material is thicker than I expected. I suppose the airiness of the dress will help cool me off (I’m always feeling hot all the damn time!) but the material isn’t suitable for summer. At least, for me. If you prefer a thinner material, you need to check the dresses in person. I believe Simone’s Closet has a physical store in Ayala Mall’s the 30th. They also let the customers choose between thin or thick material but I didn’t know this before I ordered so I ended up with the thicker material.

I am considering having the dresses altered a bit, however. I wasn’t aware that these had a side slit, the slit wasn’t visible in pictures. My husband was teasing me about the slit because he thinks it’s too high. He’s such a prude, I know. Not that I hate the slit, mind you. I am careless when it comes to the way I sit, I sit like a man. I don’t want the slit to reveal this, hahahaha!

I wish the dresses were made with a lighter fabric but overall, these dresses are so nice. If there is one thing about this design that I think Simon’s Closet should improve on, it’s the diameter of the sleeves. I think they should be larger or at the least, made stretchier. I also noticed that the pocket stitching of the dresses was unfinished, 3 of the 4 dresses I got had tiny holes where the stitching ended. The stitching of the pockets should always be inspected after just to see if it was done all the way through.

Final Thoughts

Love the dresses by Simone’s Closet. The dresses were well made and I love the color selection. The design is flattering even with a growing belly. The pricing is great too, really affordable! The ordering process was quite straightforward, which is great for no-nonsense customers like yours truly.

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