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Sharing is caring! Hits Legal Drinking Age! Episode 21 is ON!


21 and celebrating!  Mike from SNC enslists the help of the SickSiteArmy to battle a hater!  Joe Rogan from FearFactor verbally bitchslaps America’s favorite Beaner! Finally a horny chick gets so desperate for sex she calls 911!!

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We’ve got a great Wipe for you this week!  First, we gotta thank our sponsor MyFreePaySite who ponied up the dough for us to get a new server!  Next, Dick talks about an Army Chick who posed for Playboy and got shitcanned!  Dino makes his last post before moving to France and reviews the week’s news.  Finally PornSavvy Crew reviews AssFixation!

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Freakhole gets a facelift as Jason slams Britney’s G.I. ‘do!


Nothing like good ol’ porn to brighten up any perv’s day, right? Hot moms over at Porn Pimps will have you spanking that monkey all day! Get lubed and click here for finger-lickin’ videos!

Freak love you sick bastards so much, they did a complete overhaul of the website page! Click right here and have a look-see at the new and improved, why dontcha?

Orchestrating yet another career suicide, Britney is now as bald as her infamous pussy. Jason throws a hissy fit over Ms. Spears new ‘do at Revenge world as the plot thickens over at Consumption Junction forum where Britney’s G.I. ‘do get loads of flak.

It’s a Britney Spears invasion right here on Sick Site Network everyone!. Strange… the bitch played us like a God-forsaken violin.

Jeremy gets a taste of nipple juice as a screamer was let loose on!


Hey smut-lovers, Bree Olsen definitely mastered the “eager prostitute” look as she gets wild and frisky over at! I’d say, she would fit in at Teen Brazil where the Porn Savvy troupe reviewed their site.

Surf through Porn  for free porn and check out our latest collection of lesbo action! Yes, it’s free! Lovely isn’t it?

See Jeremy’s softer side at Consumption as he talks about “catching up” with an old flame and getting a taste of her nipple juice on his Mac ‘n Cheese!

Consumption Junction and Revenge World honors The Kinky and The Bite-Size Weiner as Freak Hole launches another contest!


Give yourself a pat on the back, Gene Murphy from Atlanta and Lee Przybylowicz of Pennsylvania for winning the Consumption Junction and Revenge World’s Weekly Best Submitters Contests!

Gene’s kinky vid and Lee’s freakishly small pecker won them an awesome $33 gift certificate each! Use it to get cool stuff at our Sick Site Network Schwags or score hot porn DVD’s and ball-busting sex toys at our Shop.Sick Site Network!

Be the next sick bastard to win prizes and have your winning entry plastered all over our Submitters Hall of Fame because Freak is holding another contest!

The rule is simple: Fill Dick’s inbox with as many pictures of hairy men’s asses as possible! The winner will be judged by the quantity and quality of the winning entries. The contest will run from Friday until midnight EST Sunday! Awesome prizes await the winner!

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